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New Shoes AGAIN


Today, My Forever21 shoes that I ordered from my own online shop Loly Story Shop arrived

It's cost $27.80

Forever21 ankle boots,Zara TRF sportwear pants

8.0" total height x 2.7" heel breast (3.5" back heel height)

My lil brother took this pic!

My younger brother jevin (we called him Jeje) helped me take the pic! He's so smart. He's just 4 years old! Imagine that. I'm proud of him (\^0^/)

Hello Kitty,Chat,Halloween silly bandz

I'm a huge fan of shoes! I love HEELS. I love wearing them, they can make me feel confident,sexy?,and taller...hehehe

Btw, On Monday  I'll have a performance. I have to play flute,singing and reading a poetry that we (me and my group) have made. aannd, where's  my flute? flute!flute! where are u?

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