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Perfumes Parade


I'm sorry I don't post anything yesterday :(
I was really exhausted yesterday.

Now, I wanna show you my perfumes collection :)
I love perfumes like MUCH! I love them since I was just a little innocent girl *really?? '_' *

This The One by Dolce & Gabbana. I saw it on my cable TV then I fell in love with this perfume on the first sight. It almost empty, I use it almost everyday and my mom always borrow it! I really don't know why, but this perfume smells really expensive! I feel like a billionaire when I use this.  : P
The One by Dolce & Gabbana

This is Fantasy by Britney Spears. My dad's friend gave me when I celebrate my 17th birthday. Actually, I didn't celebrate it, I just had a dinner :) This perfume smells really sweet, just like a candy
Fantasy by Britney Spears

 This is Guess by Marciano. My dad gave me this for my 16th birthday and he gave me a car too :) This perfume smells good too. It's sweet too.
Guess by Marciano

This Curios by Britney Spears. I bought it because I like the design. It's look like a UFO. Britney wear this perfume too in her Circus MV! :) It smells really sporty. I use it when I have PE class.

Curious by Britney Spears

This is the Unbranded fragrance. Sometimes I use it for my room's perfume!
Unbranded fragrance

 This is the local brand mist cologne. I bought this cologne because it has a really cute picture. My lil brother use it sometimes.
Eskulin Kids mist cologne

This Just Me by Paris Hilton perfume. I love Paris Hilton  perfumes. They all smell really good :)
Just Me by Paris Hilton
 Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton perfume. It contains of (L-R) : Bath & Shower gel, Mini perfume, Body Glistening lotion and the perfume itself
Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton
I have to wear my perfume everyday. I will feel uncomfortable if I don't wear them and feel something is wrong! Perfume is my confident booster!!

How bout you?What's your favorite perfume brand?Does your perfume make you feel confident too?

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  1. Here are my faves - you might like them after reading your perfume preference.
    I love Baby Doll perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, its a sweet, floral scent that blends very well with my natural scent.
    Pink Sugar perfume is heavenly and sugary with an almost peppery note at the end.
    Juice by OPI is yummy and sweet also.
    Poppy by Coach is amazing and complex without being too harsh.
    :) You have good taste in perfumes!