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Etude is one of my favorite beauty store. I use a lot of beauty brands such as Etude House, Skin Food, The Body Shop and The Face Shop. My skin is oily and easily breakouts so I have to be careful with the product I'm using. But today I wanna make a review about Etude House because most of my make up and skin care products are from Etude. I love Etude House the only thing that bother me is the price, it's quite pricey in Indonesia. I heard that Etude in Korea is cheeeeeaappppeeerr. I don't know why in here they're so pricey maybe it's because of the tax? yeah, the tax in here is super weird! I have their membership, the benefits of becoming their member are I  can get 20% discount and also 50% discount for my birthday and others.

Etude Twin Cake SPF 25

 This is the only powder I have. I love this one, it's really suit my skin tone. I rarely using a powder because my skin easily breakouts so I just using BB Cream.  I think this powder has been discontinue because I never seen it again.

Baby Skin Base
 This is also my only base I have hehehe. I love this base! Even the color is green but it doesn't make your face green. My face has a lot of redness, green color is the best way to reduce the redness. I also rarely using this item because of BB Cream. I just use this Baby Skin Base and Etude twin cake powder if I wanna to go the the party.

AC Clinic (pink powder spot & acne foam cleanser)
 I tried this product about 4 months ago. The pink powder spot didn't work at me. I think that my acne is bad enough. My cousin who using this AC Clinic told me that this product works wonderfully at her.

Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Lotion
 I using this product to remove my make up. The pump is already missing! I have no comment with this product.  It's just OK!

Ac Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser

Ac Clinic Clay Pack
 I'm using AC Clinic Clay Pack for weekly mask. I'm using this product is because my face easily breakouts so it's better  to use Acne series for my weekly mask

BB Magic Cream & Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong
 BB CREAM! I love BB Cream it makes make up simpler and easier. On my daily life I just apply BB Cream and lip balm when I go out. Sadly, my face got breakouts after using Etude BB Cream and I just realize it after using a half tube of it. Now I'm using Skin Food BB cream and it doesn't make me breakouts.

Vita foam mini
 I got this cleanser for free. I forgot why I got this for free. lol.

55 Kissful Tint Chou
 When I go to the party I always using this lip tint. I love the color.

Nymph Aura Volumer
 This the volumer for BB Cream. I haven't using this. I'm going to use this when I go to the party.

Peach Cheek Blusher
 I love this blusher. It's so simple I just tap the sponge to apply.

Collagen Moistfull Eye Cream
 This eye cream is for wrinkle around my eyes. I still haven't wrinkle on my face but I use this product to prevent the wrinkle.

Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner

Petit Bijou Travel Kit (body wash & intensive care cream)

Petit Bijou Travel Kit

Petit Bijou body wash , Collagen Moistfull essence, Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
I got travel kit from Etude House when they had Etude Time in 2011. I got 3 package of Petit Bijou Cotton Snow travel kit and a five must have travel items after spending about IDR 400K.  The 5 must have travel items are Petit Bijou body wash, collagen moistfull essence, baking powder pore cleansing foam, precious mineral BB cream and Petit bijou cotton snow lotion.
I love the smell of Petit Bijou cotton snow, it's like a baby powder I used when I was a little kid.
I recommend Petit Bijou intensive cream. I use the cream for my elbow and my knee and after using the cream about 2 weeks my elbow and knee became so smooth.

Everyday make up :
1. BB Cream
2. Lip balm
and my favorite perfume.

Occasion make up :
1. Baby skin base
2. Etude twin cake
3. The body shop eyeshadow
4. Code B eye liner
5. Peach cheek blusher
6. Lip balm
7. 55 kissful tint chou
and my favorite perfume.

Sometimes I change the Baby skin base to BB Cream

Removing the make up, I'm using
1. Skin food milk shake point make up remover
2. fresh mineral water
3. The body shop tea tree skin clearing toner
4. baking powder pore cleansing lotion
5. wash with water
6. using my doctor's cleanser (contain with scrubs)
7. wash with water again
8. spray evian's facial spray

I have to remove my make up without the slightest remaining to keep my face away from the breakouts. I using fresh mineral water (no.2) to help me remove the rest of the make up and to keep my face fresh.

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