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I love food. I love cooking. This holiday I spend most of my time by sleeping , cooking, and eating.
Nanny's Pavillon Beef baked rice

Nanny's Pavillon Baked Rice with prawns
I really love Nanny's Pavillon baked rice with prawns. I always order this dish if I eat at Nanny's. Love the savory flavor. Can't stop eating this baked rice. The only thing that can stop me eat this dish is the price hahaha.

Baked Rice with basil bechamel sauce with sausages
 I try to make my own baked rice. It tasted great but as you can see, the presentation not good enough. I pour to much bechamel sauce.

Basil becamel sauce

Green Tea Cheese Cake
 I really love green tea and I love cheese cake. I always want to make green tea cheese cake. One day I found the recipe and the result is quiet good. I need more practice of baking. My baking skill is poor because I don't like to measure the ingredients.

Homemade Sushi
 I always made something that I love. One of the is sushi. Who doesn't love sushi?
The flavor of homemade sushi :
- floss with mayonnaise,
- Crab stick, tamago, mayonnaise and I sprinkling some salmon roe on the outside
- tamago and mayonnaise
I like tamago (Japanese omelet that made from soy sauce,mirin,sugar and dashi).

Royce' nama chocolate (champagne flavor)

Royce' nama chocolate (Green Tea flavor)
 As I mention before I love green tea and I love chocolate too. I just tried this nama chocolate when I went to Singapore last year. I especially looking for this chocolate. I bought the champagne flavor and after I tasted it, I really can't get enough so when my cousin went to Singapore I order another nama chocolate champagne flavor. When she arrived at Royce' store she asked me what flavor I wanna buy she mention all the flavor then I heard "green tea flavor" without asked to much question I ordered the champagne and green tea flavor. I prefer the champagne then green tea, but I like the green tea as well just the contain of the milk is too much. Champagne flavor is the best flavor so far.

Indomie with crab stick and chesse , omelet with sausage and mayonnaise and kimchi
 This is what I ate just before I write this post. The kimchi already vanished before I took the photo hahhaa. I made the omelet with mirin,soy sauce,sugar and sausage and mayonnaise sound like the ingredients of tamago? yes, it is. You should try it one day and you will be addicted.

Onde -  onde
 I don't know what "onde-onde" mean in English. It's Chinese tradition. Onde made of glutinous rice flour then we made a round shape but I made a square shape to make it more creative hahaha.

Fried shrimp with mayonnaise
 This is my favorite dish in my entire life. You can taste this dish in Chinese restaurant.

This is my favorite snack. I love macaroons especially from Bakerzin. I think Bakerzin's macaroon is the best macaroon. I like the rose flavor. I already try to make macaroons but it always failed. I really poor at baking. My mom advice to just buy it at the store but I still curious. I'll try to make it next time.

Tomorrow I wanna make Red velvet cake. I didn't make it today because I felt sick. Wish me luck :)

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