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Singapore 2011


Do you remember that I went to Singapore about a half year ago? I forget to post about my holiday that time. Here are the photos!

Unbranded top, forever21 shorts, forever21 sunglasses, Gaudi bag
I went to Singapore with my high school friends. We went there after we finish our final exams. We stayed for 3 days. On last day we went to Universal Studio Singapore. I didn't shop too much in there because they haven't start their "Great Sale" so it's pretty expensive to shop there without any sale.

Giordano Tee, Unbranded shorts, Charles&Keith gladiator sandals, Gaudi bag
I remember that this photo was taken after we walked all day long and we rested like we own the park hahaha, look what I have in the photo. I got a balloon, actually we asked for a balloon. at the center of the park there were people who gave kids a pink balloon. We asked them to give us a balloon shamelessly hahhaa.

Giordano Tee, Unbranded shorts, Gaudi bag, Charles&Keith gladiator sandals
This photo actually the first time we took a walk after arrived. It was really hot so me and my friend decided to bought some drinks. After looked around for awhile we found a stall that sells soy bean milk with various flavors. I ordered green tea soy bean. I think the soy bean too plain, it needs more milk.

What I bought in Singapore?
I bought 2 shorts from cotton on, Ferero Rendoir (I really love this chocolate), Royce Chocolate (Love this too. I can't get enough of it) , a tall bottle from Universal Studio Singapore, Candies,  Sunglasses with the box(zebra print!), a brown ash nail polish, clothes for my families, bag and wedges from Charles&Keith, and Gucci Guilty perfume.
Wow, just realized I shopped a lot!!

I wish in 2012 I have another opportunity to go back there.

Last but not least I wanna show you my shoes that I design by myself back in 2011

Perfected by Leonita Nerisa
Colors : white, grey, green and yellow at the back with wooden accent
Height : 13cm
Type : Wedges

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I change my blog's background into plain this year. Also change the header into black and white to make it simple

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