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First of all, I would like to say " Happy New Year" ! I can't say it to you all days ago because my internet connection was dead. So, today, I want to review the upcoming Kiehl's product which is BB Cream. 
I already mentioned it on my Kiehl's beauty event.

I got "natural" color. (don't look at the picture shade :p )
This BB Cream has SPF 50PA+++ which is so high compared to other BBC's in the market.And it has Vitamin C too. Vit. C is good for brightening. 
Kiehl's BBC is more to skincare that makeup. So, this BBC is recommended for you who have sensitive skin.

 This BBC can be use alone or with foundation. But I never use BBC with foundation. I always use BBC if I have 'tight time'. I think that's the point they invented BBC, right!?

 Let's see the swatch !

Before (Bare face)


Both photos taken with flash!

As you can see, it can't cover my blemishes T_T. 
About the oil control, it's quite good and after I use this BBC, I didn't have any additional blemishes which every BBCs that I used previously always make me breakouts. So, it's so so recommended for sensitive skin. Well, the coverage is low, I know but when I look with my bare eyes, it's still okay. It's suitable when I want to go out to buy some foods but I don't want my face looks like I just got up from bed, natural looks in conclusion. 

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