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Do you know Panasonic? I think all of you knew it. Panasonic is super famous in here (Indonesia) for their electronic products, am I right?

But... Do you know that Panasonic also has beauty tools? 
Yeah, They have and the products are pretty good, for the packaging, I still can't tell the quality of the their tools because I haven't try it.

You must be weird, why suddenly I post about this. Well, it's because few days ago when I watched TV, I saw their ads, so these tools are officially arrived in Indonesia *yeay*. I already know that Panasonic has beauty tools years ago and I really want to try their products. So I'm very thrilled that now, finally, they bring the products here.

The first one that I really really want to buy is their eyelash curler 
 The comb can rotate 360° , so I just have to keep my hand still, then the comb will make my eyelashes curl. And it has a heater too, the heat makes the curl last longer.

This one is a toothbrush. Well, I love the design. So Hi-tech, sleek and modern. I will buy it one day, maybe it can helps me to brush my teeth quicker. I am such a lazy person. lol.

And this one is also in my wish-list. I really want to buy this facial steamer because when I had my facial treatment at my regular beauty salon, they turned this thing on and it feels so good! But the machine is so big and it must be expensive. So, when I found this, I'm thrilled!

For the prices. I don't have any idea how much it costs and I don't know where to buy these products as well. I hope that the prices are not to high though.
Have anyone ever heard about this too? or maybe you already know where to buy this and how much it costs ? do tell me !

*all pictures are from www.panasonic.net

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