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You must know that Naked eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay is super famous and Urban Decay looks like really know about it, so they used the "Naked" title to completing their Naked line by launched Naked Skin Foundation and from what I know, the time this product launched, many people buy this foundation like ASAP. Well, I also took the bite! but since I'm not crazy about their naked palette because of its price, I chose to buy the sample first. 

This foundation is weightless,on their website says it can be buildable. The point of using "Naked" name is when you wear this foundation, it will feel like wearing nothing.

It also has watery consistency.
they said that this foundation is Paraben free, Fragrance free and oil free and not to forget they recommend us to use their Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush which is designed specifically for this Naked Foundation
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The one that I tried was number 3.5. The actual price is $38 for 1oz/30mL. 
And what makes me interested with this product is the ingredients they wrote :

"Matrixyl 3000-Anti-wrinkle and lifting peptides restore and maintain skin's youthful appearance while increasing elasticity.
Litchiderm (derived from lychee fruit) - Protects the skin from dehydration, oxidative stress and accelerated aging, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion.
Green Tea & Vitamin E - These anti-oxidants neutralize free-radicals and promote collagen production for smooth and supple skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate - Holds and attracts water for optimal hydration, circulation and nutrient absorption, making skin smooth, soft and youthful

I'm so obsessed with green tea.lol.

Bare face

Using Naked Skin (Taken With Flash)

Using Naked Skin (Taken Without Flash)

Taken Without Flash
As you can see, it can't cover my blemishes well. Even they said the coverage is builadable but when I tried it, it still can't give me the coverage I wanted. 
The oil control is surprisingly works really well on me.

Conclusion : I don't intend to buy this foundation for some reasons. First, it can't cover my blemishes and the only reason I need to put foundation is to cover my blemishes and second I'm not really impressed with the result, I think I'm taking high expectation because their name, you know it's  "Naked" ! and everybody like deifying Naked by Urban Decay.lol

And today will be marked as a new history of Jakarta I guess, because of the flood (even Siwon from SuJu made a tweet about it using #prayforjakarta). The flood is everywhere not to be missed our presidential palace. Well, as far as I remember whenever the flood is coming and hit like almost all of Jakarta areas, The presidential palace and its surrounding areas are dry like nothing happen on the other side its looks like the ocean, so it's quite rarely! but myself feel with the situation like this at least everybody is equal, nobody has treated differently, everybody feels the suffer cause by the flood.lol.
If you still curious about it, you can google it! and it's so popular today.
Here is the photo of the flood. I took it from my house. Around my house, the flood not to high because years ago, we always be number 1 when it comes to flood, so people keep elevated the road these past few year so these days the water was just like "normal" also people keep built their house higher and higher for precaution. :D

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