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On this post I will show you my chinese new year night outfit. 
I remember that I already took my makeup look along with my outfit look, but when I wanted to upload it, I couldn't find it. too bad !

It's been so so so long, I haven't post anything about fashion. I'm so into beauty nowadays. I rarely read fashion magazines too, due to my money condition. Well, I must say that I'm not a 100% beauty blogger, I also a fashion blogger and some time food blogger (because I always love fancy foods). that's why I join many community . LOL.

Okay, stop nonsense ! 

If you follow my instagram (@leonitanerisa), you will know what this post about. I posted this image last week. 

DRESS : Cloth Inc
BELT : Forever21
Actually the belt is too small for my hips so I never use it, but it fits perfectly on my waist.

RING : Local Store Singapore
BRACELET : Forever21
SHOES : Custom Made

I'm so into yellow color nowadays, I don't know why. I'm just in yellow mood....

The shoes is from last year actually, I don't have much time nor money to bought a new pair of shoes, so I use this shoes instead. Btw, If you like it and want to make yourself one, you can contact me. Well, the price is quite expensive I must say, I always told my shoes maker to add lots of cushion for comfort and use high quality materials to make it long lasting.lol

I also use my favorite snake ring. Well, this is snake year! using this ring is like having a statement that this year will be in my hand !!
FYI, I collect animal rings, I will tell you my collection one day (or maybe tonight on my instagram :p )

Also speaking of instagram, if you follow mine, you will see lots of foods. Food lover? maybe you want to follow my instagram ?!

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