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I don't know what I'm going to write for the opening sentence. LOL.
However, nowadays, I really really get tempted by this Samsung Galaxy Camera. I saw this gadget last week. actually, I discover this camera when I accompanied my brother. 

courtesy : reviews.cnet.com
 The lens looks like SLR camera. that's why I like it, SLR is too heavy for me and incovenience too for its big but this camera fit perfectly to my everday bag because the size is as same as smartphone on the market also the other plus plus benefit is I can sell my android smartphone then I just use this camera because this is camera-smartphone (minus call-ing button) but I can use skype and it already has messaging app, I really don't know how to explain this because I'm not a gadget maniac. whenever I saw a gadget, firstly, I look at the model, its weight and apps in it, if all of them statisfy me, then I'll like it.LOL. 

Sadly, the price is quite expensive, around IDR 5.000.000 ($500) but I think it's kinda worth for me because it can zoom 21x :p . so when I want to make a vlog, I can just use this gadget, can't I? 

*pray every night that I get this gadget for free, maybe from present or anything*

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