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kiehls,ultimate strength hand salve, hand salve

Time to do a beauty review !!

I got this hand salve from Kiehls Haloween Party as I remember. I got some sachet samples too but I keep them as travel kit. 

At first I don't have any enthusiastic to try this hand salve. I'm not a fan of hand or body lotion, it feels sticky on my skin and I don't like it.  But, months ago, because of my hectic college schedule, I lacked of my weekly skin regimen. It ends up with dryness on my elbows and knees.

I wanted to put hand lotion on them but I don't have hand lotion anymore. lol. so here it is, i use this hand salve instead

kiehls,ultimate strength hand salve, hand salve
all-day care for severely dry, active hands. formulated for the driest, most active hands, this heavy-duty moisture treatment is a thick, rich formula offering all-day care and protection to hands. our blend of select ingredients allows skin to adsorb water from the air. forming a "glove-like" protective barrier against moisture loss.....etc.
kiehls,ultimate strength hand salve, hand salve

i must say the cream is thick but i don't feel sticky at all. after i rubbed it around my elbows and knees, they get smoother immediately and it makes me touching and rubbing them on and on ^-^

kiehls,ultimate strength hand salve, hand salve
I got the 30mL size and I put a "pea size" for each elbow or knee (well, for knee I make it a littlle bit bigger) and it can covered all the areas that i wanted. 

kiehls,ultimate strength hand salve, hand salve
30mL size for hand salve is too small in my opinion but this is a deluxe sample I guess so I'm okay with it.
it's quiet big for samples that i used to get from other brands and the packaging comes with quality.
(and free too ;p ) 

The actual sizes are 75mL (2.5 fl.oz) for $15 and 150mL (5 fl.oz) for $22. I don't know how much it costs in here (indonesia). 

I must say that it's a pricy thing. you might be think (because I am) that it's not necessary to waste that much money for a hand salve. lol. But! if you really really have a severe dry skin, I really recommend this hand salve. and I suggest to use this salve little by little (because it's expensive -_-). Just use it for treatment than after your skin moist enough, use your daily hand lotion ^^

It doesn't have any scents at all, it's kiehl's "trademark" no scent at all hehehe.
hmm, i does have smell though. i'm not annoyed with the smell, i'm getting along with the smell instead. 
I do feel like i'm smelling sake's aroma, don't know why. it didn't contains sake at all. 

whoa, i must do my "homeworksss", i ended up writing this post instead.lol. TTYL !!

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