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Hello dearly readers~
Finally! I can type again.... *with brand new keyboard* lol

I really really excited to make this review . this is the first time I dyed my hair.
Even though I'm excited, I had big dilema when I choosing the color. I'm asking my fellow bloggers back and forth. I think they were getting sick of me that time.lol.
At first I chose "platinum beige" like 1000% then I saw "milk tea brown", it's a good color too! then I saw "mocha orange" it also good!! In the end, they are all good ! I can't decided which one. In final, I back to my first option which is "Platinum Beige", I contacted the seller BUT that color is SOLD OUT ! Duh...
I was dilema-ing again. I don't know how I ended up buying "ash brown" at last. It's too much confusion.lol
I became like this because this is the first time I dyed my hair, so I'm afraid that the color won't be suit for me.

 Lesson 1 for beginners: Be Brave !!!! 
this is what I keep on my mind that time. along with my favorite quote "you never know if you never try" .

Okay, I ended up with this ASH BROWN color :

color chart
This is all the equipments! solution 1, solution 2, the pump, gloves,and after treatment

Lesson 2 for beginners : Allergic test is a must must!
Because I don't know my scalp sensitive enough or not, I had to try this test for precaution. It's easy peasy though. So nothing to lose :)

Mix solution 1 and 2 then with a cotton bud, put them on your inner arm, leave it for 48 hours. 
I just leave it for 24 hours. If you allergic with it, you will feel itchy or burning sensation with redness as I remember.
It supposed to be purple color but it don't appear on the screen. 

Here is my VIRGIN hair. Never dyed it before. I have dark brown hair color. That's why I never dyed my hair. My actual hair color is already...colored!lol and I really like them.
(Left : without flash , Right : with flash)
Goodbye my hair, you will be missed!
Let's start the process
Mix solution 1 and 2 together. Shake CALMLY, just turn it upside down. Don't make the mixture to change onto foam. Then squeeze the mixture, they will become foam right away. *You can read this on the brochures that given*

Put them to your hair. Wait about 20 - 30 minutes. I leave it about 30 minutes. I'm so curious that time, so I can't wait any longer.
Wash them off then use your regular shampoo then use the after treatment that given, wash it again. Tadaa... You'll get a new hair.

This is how it looks like on my hair
I think I did something wrong, which is I massaged my front hair but I forgot to massaged the back, so the color on the back is off. 
Taken with flash. See? my front hair color is so vibrant. What I want is the color in my middle head. The color that I looking for. It looked brown in room but it will became light brown with a hint of red/orange when the light strike or in sunlight. 

It's like nothing change on the back. lol

I really like this, I already thinking to stock some colors, so I could change it once a month :p
This is going to be an end of my healthy shinny hair -__- 

Speaking of healthy hair, I have oily hair, after dyed with this bubble hair color, my hair become less oily. I think for you who has normal to dry hair type, you should do creambath or hair treatment to keep your hair healthy after using this.

For me, I like the result, gives my hair more volume. I used to have "lepek" hair all the time.

The only problem is, Liese hasn't come to Indonesia, and I must say looking color chart through the screen is making me crazy. I want to look the actual color so bad. You know every screen has different brightness,etc.
So, here comes my "otak dagang", I want to open an PO (Pre Order) for this Liese. I have some friends in Malaysia and Singapore so I could ask them to buy it for me (and you !). How's that sound? 
I know there already are some Liese seller, I already make a market search (hohoho,sounds pro) the price is between 160-175.000 rupiahs. I don't know the actual price in Malay nor Sing. Let's hope the price is cheaper so I can give you cheaper price that 160-175.000 :)

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