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Hi ~ Hi~

I already told you (on my FB page ) that I'm going to dye my hair again. Today, finally, I have time to dye it... *yeeaayy*

Really excited plus nervous when it comes to dying my hair. I'm excited that I have new hair color, beside of that, I also afraid that the color won't suit on me. Who's with me in this case? :)

This time I try 'Mocha Orange' color. In this post I will not tell you the whole process again, you can read it on my previous post 

I chose this mocha orange because from the first time I'm choosing hair colors, I have a really big dilemma between ash and orange (red hint) color. So, after trying the ash color,I think it's the perfect time to try the orange, right?

Liese bubble hair colors always come with these items. Solution 1 & 2, gloves and test patch, direction sheet and rinse-off treatment. 

Here's the color guide. Which one I chose? none of them hahaha. I don't know why, but the colors on the color guide not attract me and I keep thinking that the result won't be the same with those colors. (keep scrolling to know the result :p )

The example color is to red, isn't it? 

This is my before hair, I'm using Liese Bubble Hair Color in Ash Brown  less than a month (so, I dyed my hair twice this month hohoho)


I'm not getting bald or something, it's just I hadn't wash my hair yesterday so my hair is soooo oily when I took this picture. I purposely didn't wash my hair so the oil helps to protect my hair and hairline area when I dyed.


I dyed my hair twice with this color. After I dried my hair, I checked the color and I felt it's still not the color that I want (still to dark). Then, with the the leftover, I dyed again for the second time and let the bubble stay just about 5-7 minutes. Rinsed it all, after that I'm using the rinse-off treatment to ended my dying session :) 

Btw, I really love the rinse-off treatment ! It smells so good and make my hair really soft. The scent can last up to two days on me!

 I really like the color. Really satisfied this time. All photos taken with flash. So, with the room light, my hair still looks natural. psst, even my mom until now haven't notice it.lmao.

What color should I try later?? any idea?

Due to many people searching this colour, this is the last picture of Mocha Orange. 

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