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viva milk cleanser, susu pembersih, viva

Hey y'all ! finally, I have some time to make a post :)
Still have some deadlines :(

Today, I'm going to review a milk cleanser from local brand (Indonesia). 
This is the first time I'm reviewing a local brand. Honestly, I'm not a fan of my own country cosmetic's brands. You might be know that I (sometimes) quite brand minded. So, I forgot about them. There's time when I and fellow bloggers made a "little quiz" to mentioning our local brands, and I was like... "hmm...maybelline! oh no, wait, it's an international brand, umm...garnier?clean&clear?errgghh...they are international brands". The toughest quiz ever...lol

Then, my cleansing oil is running out . I remember, long ago, I used to use local brand's cleanser and I'm quite like it. So, I went to supermarket to bought some cleanser. 

The first one is this Viva Milk Cleanser !

viva milk cleanser, susu pembersih, viva

The packaging is very simple. Just a plain tube made from plastic with brand and name on it. I must say that my local brand's packaging is boring. I don't know why they never make a packaging that can attract more buyers. 

The price is cheap though, about IDR 5.000 I suppose ($0.5) for 100ml.

This cleanser contains Emollient. Emollient is another word for moisturizer, isn't it? 

viva milk cleanser, susu pembersih, viva

The lid is handy and convenience. The hole is quite big, it's a good thing. So, I don't need extra energy to squeeze it.

viva milk cleanser, susu pembersih, viva

It has thick consistency, just like cream. 

viva milk cleanser, susu pembersih, viva

It does a great job for removing my makeup. I never test it for waterproof eyeliner or mascara because I rarely wear it. After cleaning my face with this cleanser.The cream left the sticky feeling on me so I need to use  my Body Shop Toner asap to remove the leftovers.

It doesn't break my face out too. So, I recommend this cleanser for you who has sensitive skin. You may want to try this one :)

viva milk cleanser, susu pembersih, viva

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