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Who love cartoon ? raise your hand !

I love cartoon ! Until now, I still watching cartoon when I have nothing to do. 

Today, I want to show you my most favorite cartoon films. 
If you have nothing to do, I recommended this films for you to watch. 

All of them are "jadul" (old) movies. Maybe some of you already knew / seen it, some of you maybe don't.
I promise you that the films are really really great ! I like film with the meaning inside :)

I categorized this film as "Kid's Horor" lol. I make my own category. I remember when this film came out, I was in elementary school. There was no DVD at the time, VCD was the most advanced CD player. 
I used to be the most coward child in the world hahhaa. But, because of this film's greatness, I watched this film to the end and even repeated it.

I forget the full story, but, whenever someone ask me about my favorite cartoon film,then this is the one. Spirited away. I still can feel the tense I had when I was a kid.lol.

The most frightening character for me is the old grandma.

Oh this one is really a sad movie ! If you have a weak heart, your tears won't be stop until this film finished or maybe you'll still crying even after the film is finished .
The story is about brother and sister (in the picture) during a war. they live in a cave? I don't really remember, sort of the unused cave I think. They don't have money, don't have foods and have few clothes.
I remember there's a scene when the brother steal sweet potato (as I remember) from a person's garden and got caught then that person beat him furiously.

Then also, the sister went ill... he can't buy the medicine and the sister just chewing marble that looks like candy. You will be very very very sad watching the ending. After watching this film you might be really hope for the world peace :)


Who doesn't know this film? 
everytime I watched this film, the scene that the monkey raise up the Simba, I got this mixed up feeling, between moved and frighten (the Simba gonna fall down :p). It's  really an unexplained feeling.lol

I really like the 'circle of life' song ! 

I remember this film where the F4 was so popular. hhahaha. From this movie, I know Elvis Presley songs. Stitch really cute though, right?!
Also I love their famous quote : Ohana! means family...and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten :D

I really love the song. *start singing* thumbelina...thumbelina....
a fun movie to watch. I remember my cousin has the doll and I always want to have them too. The tiny thumbelina. Thumb size doll :D

Ahh, I love this movie to the max ! Again this is my other kid's horror film :p
You must see this movie if you hate your parents and want to change them (just like Coraline). I bet you will think about it again ^^

Actually, I still have tons of great cartoon films I want to share to you.... But I think it's all for now :)

Happy Watching ! What's your favorite? share to me, so I can watch it :)

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