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I honestly don't know why I'm doing this.lol. Tonight I'm in the nostalgic mood. Hmm, actually already have this mood for several days  (Read my all time favorite cartoons post)

I'm reading my old's posts. Realize that I've been through a lot. Well, after thinking again and again, this blog is like my personal diary. I don't like writing something in a book, but I ended up writing my life in a blog and everybody can read it..... hahaha. Still fascinating with this reality but I don't regret it at all, I'm happy actually, I can share my knowledges to others :) 

Why my writing become melancholy?  I'm not writing a goodbye post girls ~ hahaha. 

So, after reading all old posts, I found something interesting ! 

This is my Chinese New Year post back in 2012 (Friday, 3 February 2012) .

I make a few wishlist. 
I want : Eyeshadow palette that has 88 colors , a lot of makeup brushes , Brush cleanser, Bare Escentuals foundation and mineral veil, Etude House Aura Loose Powder, BB Creams, Skin care products and friends :D

After reading this post, I am stunned that I have them all now except Etude House Aura Loose Powder. 

See the sentence that has green underline? on that post, I said/wrote that I am on a diet but... it turned out I'm failed!! hahaha. On February 8th, I made a post about food. Surely my diet plan was failed hahaha.

Here's the prove :p 

Back to my wishlist.

So, I wish that I can get an 88 colors eyeshadow palette, eventually I bought 120 colors eyeshadow palette and made the review on October 12, 2012. Which means I bought 7 months later after I wrote my wishlist. 

After that I want full set of brushes .
I bought a full set of E.L.F brushes (12 brushes ) in August 2012 and I got a set of brushes (6 brushes) from Kay Collection in April 2013 and currently PO-ing Real Technique brushes. Full set of brushes? CHECK !
6 months later after I wrote the wishlist

After that I want brush cleanser. I bought the MAC one. Bought it on February 2012. The same month I wrote my wishlist *wohoo*

Bare Escentuals foundation and mineral veil. I remember they were my most wanted makeup items.lol. And untill now, I'm still using this also already buy the 3rd tube :p
Firstly, I bought the mini size then bought Bare Escentuals/Minerals starting line makeup then bought just the foundation and mineral veil. Made the review in March 2012 on Minis ! Minis! post. I still haven't review the whole package that I bought until now :p. It's quite hard to take the picture because they are all light. Bare escentuals ? CHECK !  bought 1 month later after wrote my wishlist.

 BB Creams are so hipped back then. I tried once and kinda like it even though at the end I realize BBC is the cause of my breakouts huahahaha.
I bought 6 different BBCs afterall. Etude BB Magic Cream was my first BBC, Etude precious mineral, Skin Food Agave Cactus, The Face Shop Oil Free BBC, Etude sun BBC (the A.C clinic series) , and Dr.Jart BBC. I bought sun and dr.jart BBC in the end of 2012 and still haven't review it :p. Then I also tried Liole Triple solution (I wrote about it in my Minis!Minis! post). So, having BB Creams ? CHECK !
Read my BBCs review here : BB Cream Review

The last one is new skin care products 

Capturing some of my posts :) I have 8 new skincare products that I already review... *yeay* 
New skincare products? CHECK !

Conclusion : Wishlist done ! except Etude Nymph loose powder. I decided not to buy it because I already satisyfied with my mineral veil :)

And I'm also happy because all of the products that I bought, 100% purely from my hardwork hahaha. Well, because of my shopping behaviour, I oftenly get headache trying to find the money, many times I spent way too much than my income which is also up and down. Hmmm, quite interesting though, make my life more colourful.lol. My advice is don't try this behaviour anywhere and anytime! 
I want to repent ! Next month no more shopping at least 2 months in a row to help my saving account looks better ;p 

Hufft, that's why I love blogging, by writing how I feel, what I buy, etc, I can looking back what I've been through by reading them again and another plus side is I can share about it to all of you :)

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