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Hi Readers ~ 
This is the first time I'm reviewing about  false eyelashes. Happy to make this review because as you know (for Indonesian people) this person is so so famous nowadays. Yes, the "sesuatu yang cetar membahana" Syahrini ! 

Couple weeks ago, D'Eyeko sent me 2 pairs of Princess Syahrini Premium Lashes. I got the famous "Khatulistiwa" and "Cendrawasih" lashes. 

This is the most famous eyelashes from Syahrini I think. I don't know where she got the idea to named it Khatulistiwa. Lmao. Well, all of her eyelashes name are unique though and so Indonesian :D . Designed by Syahrini herself and produced by D'eyeko.

FYI, D'Eyeko is our local brand (Indonesia) and their eyelashes are exported to many countries with USA as their main market, then in 2012, they start selling their eyelashes in Indonesia. 

This is the first double lashes with single band in Indonesia. Two eyelashes stacked and tied with one band (the simple word will be 2 in 1.lol ).  So it makes the user feels more comfortable and lighter than using double eyelashes in the same time. 

As you can see on the picture above, it's very thick and long. Made from real human hair.

Comes with the glue in every packaging. The glue has a good quality though. But, I think the hole is too huge , sometimes makes the glue spread wider than I expected when I'm in hurry.

The eyelashes make a huge difference on my eyes. 
The good thing about this eyelashes, the length is already adjusted to Indonesian eyes so I don't need to measure the length again and cut it here and there. 

Makes my real eyelashes "disappear" hahaha. 

My eyes just can hold this eyelashes for about an hour, after that, my neck felt stiff .lmao. 
I rarely using false eyelashes though just when my relatives getting married hahaha, maybe if you use false eyelashes regulary, you won't feel the same as me.

Look how long and thick it is ! Don't need to use mascara anymore. 
This eyelashes also can be reusable. I like product that can be reusable :D

This eyelashes very suitable if you went to a formal party or red carpet maybe!? hahha. 
It will make your looks more glamorous.

The price is about IDR 50.000 ($6.25)  as I remember when visiting one of their counter. You can contact D'Eyeko directly for prices information.

Contact D'eyeko here :
Twitter : @DeyekoID

Thank You D'Eyeko 

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