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On Thursday, 4th April, I was invited by Kay Collection to celebrate their Grand Opening for their newest store at Mall Taman Anggrek.

I've heard about Kay Collection for many years, but I don't have chance to try it until now. I wanted to buy their makeup traincase (by Masami Shouko) years ago, it was on my budget that time but I don't buy it, I thought I don't really need that. 
Still, everytime I walked through their section, I always spared time to take a look at the traincase.lol

Again, at their grand opening, I still looking at the makeup traincases and yeah, still not buying it!

I also get tempted with the 50% OFF. So after circling around the store, I back to this section again and again until the event started. 

When I arrived at the store, It's already half crowded. bloggers and customers got mixed up, so I kinda hard to took the picture because people went back and forth and looking around the racks.  
Gladly, I managed to took some picture before massive visitors came :)

Jewelry case ! Wanna guess how much its price ?? *mind blowing :p* 

They have Masami Shouko Professional in there

Also the famous Dolly Wink . If you are a Japan lover, you must be know about this brand. I heard about it like thousand times. I haven't try one of them because it quites expensive. But finally yesterday, I bought one. Their famous liquid liner :) *review soon? *

What's your favorite brand? *oh, when I remember this question, I also remember that yesterday....... (stay tune!)

Let's look around the store ! 

Snacks to fill my empty stomach. It tasted good. I like the risol, macaroni and other traditional snacks. 

I hope one day I get a chance to own this table and chair >.<
Both of them are for sale, fyi. I don't check the table's price (it must be over 1,5 million I guess), the chair is about 1,1 or 1,2 million as I remember. 

Every customer get free eye makeup from MUFE makeup artist, Luna with purchase min. 100.000.
I don't took it, I'm not into make over :)

I still craving for makeup traincase, especially from masami shouko but the prices make me choke >.<
Love this one but not loving the price hehehe. Even with that price it's still sold out! *clapping hand*

Still remember the "what's your favorite brand" question I asked you? of course you do... 
So, Kay had grandprize session and they picked the winner by giving beauty bloggers a questioner form then the owner picked randomly the form to choose the winner. 

And Tada,,, I was the winner. ! I must tell you that this is the first time I won on lucky draw thing like this. 

When we waited for the winner announcement, I already said to fellow bloggers that it's not gonna be me, I never be win on this lucky draw thingy. 
Then the MC revealed the winner by telling what's her favorite brand, I picked dolly wink/koji , even though I haven't try it :p. Lots of us picked dolly wink though so it's still 50-50, right?! 
Then, she read the next question about the store of kay collection, I chose Golden Truly (this is where I looked masami shouko traincase). and the only person answered Golden Truly is me, so when she read "Golden Truly" then I smiled "It's totally me!" LOL

I got this Masami Shouko makeup case in red

*review soon* again??? : )

Last but the most interesting part. Goodies!

I bought dolly wink eyeliner and got koji eyeliner as a gift (psst, suprise gift for bloggers only) 

Goodies : Comb, sponge puff, fake eyelashes, toothbrush, cleansing puff, Titania gel cushion (I adore Titania cushion, I always wear it when I put my heels on! )

Happy to meet my fellow bloggers, chit chatting with them until night *v*,it's been a while I haven't meet them . Happy that I get the grandprize *you know, this is my first time hahaha , still in the tacky mood*

Thanks Kay Collection for inviting me :)

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