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Last Saturday, I was invited by Carnelin (WhileYouOnEarth) to come to Shiseido make up show.
Held at Grand Hyatt hotel , Jakarta.

Beside make up show, there were also fashion show by Blaire. Blaire is our local brand (Indonesia). 

In this post, I'm focusing on the fashion show because I always get hooked by beautiful outfits *v*

I arrived exactly at 2p.m at Plaza Indonesia, but the parking lot was so full and no space is available T_T. 
Then I asked the parking clerk to find space for me to make it quicker hehehe.

Thankfully, the show hadn't started yet.

Dress : Romwe
Belt : Unbranded
Outwear : Unbranded
Clutch : Charles & Keith
Accessories (ring & earring) : Forever21
Shoes : Custom made

Btw, I'm selling this Romwe dress on my blog sale (pre-loved), not because I don't like it, kinda sad I have to  sell it :( . (More details : Blog sale )

Also met Tia (utoTIA) there 

I like the venue. Using natural light and they using white cloth to adjust the amount of sunlight into the room. Also my smartphone really good when capturing photos in natural light :D

 Make up show by Yarry Rivani. The MC said he's very busy, doing makeup to many countries.

Demonstrating this year spring-summer makeup 

He's so humble even though he's so famous :D

After that, time to see beautiful dresses by Blaire. Blaire is created by Angie Blaire. She's also wearing one of her spring-summer collection 

I don't like the front side somehow.  

I like the front side, tribal-ish


This dress reminds me of batik 

The color is playful. 

The sexy and seductive backside hehehe.   

I like the color combination ! The color is so exotic 

This one is my favorite. Simple but the color makes it elegant (not because it's a combination of black and blue :p ). 

The model didn't turn to my side T_T 

Make over booth 

As always my favorite spot.lol. I love sweets ! I've been craving for tiramisu couple weeks ago, lucky me, I found it in there 

Tea, anyone? 

Which dress is your favorite ??

Thank You Shiseido

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