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Has anyone ever heard about this association? I think you probably haven't heard of it. 
Well, this is an association of artist and designers based in New York City, USA, who design for non-profit organizations.

Why am I making this post? because I want to do something good too.lol. Honestly, I'm not a good person, like at all, I prefer to be the villain :p *what I'm talking about*. So, I'm making this post without any compensation :D

Thank you Shilpa  for sending me all the photos and information I needed :) 

So, if you love fashion and also want to do charity, read this post ! 

The Young Designers Collective design for non-profit organtizations for good and to gain exposure individually. They connect their designers to non-profit organization. With philantrophy and fashion, they hope to further charitable works as well as bring new talent to light sooner than before.

The most recent event they attended  was The Heart & Soul Charitable Fund Auction Gala at Christie's Auction House

 The Heart & Soul Fund is a non-profit organization in New York City that support community-based programs that serve New York's marginalized populations through the investment of time, money and compassion

The items that appeared on that auction are for sale, and you can buy it ! 

All pieces are still available also available for custom order !

My favorite one is the mustard color hat, can't take my eyes off  it. 
How about you? which one do you like? if you like it, order it then :) 

They ship to all countries (also to Indonesia) by Fedex .So, if you want to order one of the their pieces or maybe all of it, do contact them.

Their upcoming project is a line of teen active wear and accessories for the Navigators USA. The Navigators USA is a national youth service organization started in Harlem in response to the discriminatory practices of the Boy Scouts of America. The Navigators USA continues to grow rapidly across the country. 
The Young Designers Collective plan to launch the line this fall for release in Spring 2014. 

I'm already curious about their upcoming pieces, because those pieces above are so good, aren't they?

BTW, The Young Designers Collective also looking for more International non-profit projects. So, if any Indonesian has the same vision and passion with them, you also can contact them :)

For more information about The Young Designers Collective, visit their website : http://www.youngdesignerscollective.com/ 

Go to their website too if you want to order their's pieces !

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