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Source : Etude House Indonesia Facebook

On Saturday, June 22nd, I got invited to Etude House blogger gathering at Taman Anggrek Mall where they held Etude Time 4 beauty carnaval. 

The event was short actually but kinda fun because I can met many fellow bloggers there. 

Their main theme for Etude Time 4 is Healty Face Movement. They giving us some information about what Healthy Face Movement is and to introduce their new BB Cream and CC Cream which is just came to Indonesia.

As always Etude Time is super crowded. I think this year the venue is smaller than the fist Etude Time.
I went to their first Etude Time and it was fun. I got so much goodies.lol. 

Back to blogger gathering, first they made a makeup demo by Korean Makeup Artist. Then we had makeup competition. We had to make the look that we watched before. 
It's quite simple actually, just like the usual Korean makeup look which is give us a healthy & glowing skin and sweet on the other hand. Really suitable for everyday makeup look just like in K-Dramas :)

We were given 30 minutes to make that look and they will choose 2 winners. Of course I didn't win.lol. With my bald eyebrows, 30 minutes is so..... little. lol

But I made it to complete the whole look

Super weird eyebrows, the ends were so thick lol. 
The key of Korean makeup is also on the eyebrows, we have to make it straight. and I never do straight eyebrows. so yeah, that's the excuse :p

Sweet eye makeup look using pink and purple eyeshadows and thin eyeliner to frame your eyes and pink blush to make a healthy glowing face not to be left a pink lips to complete. 

For face, I use CC Cream & BB Cream, these is their secret weapon that they want us to have actually to make healthy & glowing face  :)
(CC Cream & BB Cream review will be in different post)

Actually I also had difficulties with the products and tools they gave, Some were broken, there are no colours that I want and no brushes. So I'm kinda confused that time T__T

The winners were Tia and Shella. 

I got a chance to grab Tia before she left the venue :p

This is Tia who won the makeup competition.

And I got a chance to take a pic with their Korean Makeup Artist

The backlight make it blur T_T

With fellow bloggers. Some many that came that time :)

Can you guess which is me? *hint: the one that sleeping and standing at the same time.lmao.*

And goodies... I'm very happy they gave us their new CC Cream & BB Cream for me to try. I'm curious with CC Cream actually, I want to try many CC Creams back to the first time when people making joke (or maybe not) "Hey, you know, there will be CC Cream after this which is to correct your skin color" . But in the end, after many products launched their CCC, I didn't buy any of them because I'm already confuse (and no money honestly) to try :) . 

And as you can know it's been a long time, I haven't try any BBC. (read my BB Cream review here : BB Cream Review ).

Thank You Etude House Indonesia for inviting me.

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