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Hello ~ ~

How are you all? I hope you are doing well.
Tomorrow is my final exam but I spent all day by hanging out with my friend which is a blogger too... she's Feegy from Muses Wonderland

Also I want you to help me with something :) 
 I hope you can help me....  ( ^0^ )

Today's post is about food by the way... let's keep a break with beauty stuffs by stuffing delicious foods to our's tummy 

Today I met Feegy at Central Park Jakarta to have a little chit chat (well, lots of chit chatting honestly :p ), because it was noon so we just do "tea time" while chit-chatting.

Okay, Let's just to the point !

I'm having macarons and peach ice tea and something(sorry forget the name). Well as you know, Bakerzin's macaron is my most favorite macaron especially the rose flavour. No one can beat their rose flavour haha. The taste of the rose not to strong but you still can "feel" it. Because as always Jakarta is very humid, I decided to order ice tea. I usually order drink that have sourness in it when I eat sweets, it will make the flavour more balance. The drink is refreshing and I always love when they put fruit bits inside.

Not to forget my favorite Baileys Souffle. I'm a fan of baileys and rum :p .  The sweetness of souffle combine with bailey...hmm... it's just perfect.  

Fried Enoki Mushroom. Well for this one, I must say nothing special, just the usual fried enoki. It will be better if they spread the enoki first then fried it. It's kinda hard to tear the enoki even with a bread knife. But they fried it well, as you can see, the color makes it look savory.

After that we went to Taman Anggrek for dinner. Before dinner, we have a little shopping time but I ended up buying nothing. 

We went to Thai Express for dinner. To desperate want to go to Thailand for holiday but we can't go to there this year I suppose so let's just eat their cuisine first.

Mango salad for appertizer. The sourness is great, the sweet sauce also great. But somehow, I feel the sourness has to be sourer, then the taste would be perfect and refreshing.

For main course I ordered my favorite yellow seafood curry with rice. I love their curry very much. When I was a little kid I remember ordering their green curry because the yellow is hotter that the green. So if you like it hot choose the yellow one. I pick seafood instead of chicken or beef because it's their speciality, right? Thailand and their seafood! The squids are tender, boneless fish, savory prawns and rich flavour curry... slurrppp ~

Today I also took my personal style to join TRESemme & Fimela style seeker hunt to New York Fashion Week contest.

You all know how I love fashion :) . and going to New York also watching fashion week with my own eyes . . . . *imagining*
So, please help me by voting my personal look just by clicking this link below :


just a simple vote but means a lot to me...

This is my personal look !
you also can go directly to the page by clicking my photos below

loving this angle ! 

Top : Superman tee by DC Superheroes
Blazer : Unbranded
Pants : Unbranded
Bag : Mango
Shoes : Charles & Keith
Accessories : (ring & bangles) Forever21

You can read my personal description on the page that I put above... thank you in advanced

and BIG thanks Feegy for helping me took these photos.

Wish me luck guys ~

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