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Hello readers ~

In case if you don't know, my scalp also the oily type one, so having dandruff is also part of my life, dandruff and I are like best friend forever.haha 

But, for female having dandruff is embarrassing, isn't it? People will judge you that you lack of hygiene, you can take care your body properly? . Well, when others speak about female, female always be the clean and fragrant type of human, am I right? well, in my surroundings it's.

So what happen to me? I have acne, my face looks so dull, I'm hairy and I have dandruff too. lol.
I am a complete package of messiness, if! I don't maintain myself.

Let's get back to the dandruff part.

Why am I suffering this dandruff thingy? It's because of this thing we called "hereditary". and my oily skin/scalp type.
Just simple (or may be not) as that but it stays as long as we live.

I don't know if dandruff can be cure for forever or not,but for me it can't, well back again to that "hereditary" word :p .

I get dandruff when I don't wash my hair everyday or when the transition season begins (musim pancaroba) and sometimes when I'm trying new shampoo and the ingredient is not suitable for me.
I just know that my scalp also sensitive. I just realize that my scalp can't bear with too many silicone. That's why some shampoo products that I used make me having dandruff. 

This one called Scalp Psoriasis.
I got this type of problem when I tried Tresemme shampoo. I got that rash just like in the picture from forehead to my temples.
It feels itchy, you want to scratch it all the time, it somehow feel like hot and when you flush water on it, it feels so cool & relaxing. 
Later I found out that my scalp is sensitive to silicone that's why I got this. 


This one I kinda confused how to explain it. I remember I scratch a lot that time and well it make my scalp chipped then I can feel my "flesh" and after few days I got the ulceration, I peeled it off and tadaa, my scalp back to normal. So this one not make me feel embarrass or something except I didn't go to salon until this wound is healed :p

Well this is the dandruff , I got that scalp patches all the time, this one is attached to the scalp so many times I peel it of because I can't stand seeing my scalp has patches all over it. 
and I'm using fine comb that actually use for combing lice's eggs. (fyi, I never have lice guys, I just bought this comb for dandruff purpose.lol)

like this : 
As you can see the gap between each prick is so small so the "patch" can be easily taken off by this comb.

I'm doing this because regularly the patches could fall by itself and I don't want them to fall when I'm going out somewhere in crowd and people see patches scalp all over my shoulder all the back of my shirt. So I need to clean the patches as clean as I can with this comb. Not to mention when having long hair and it hanging on your long hair (oh, so embarrassing)

Then, how to get rid of it? combing patches scalp all day long is so not worth our time, isn't it?

first like the usual, using anti-dandruff shampoo. 
Find shampoo that use these ingredient : Zinc Pto (Zinc Pyrithione) or Selenium Sulfide .
or my favourite ingredient which is Salicylic Acid. 
But it's hard to find salicylic acid shampoo in here, right? (or maybe some of you know it, please tell me)

The famous one should be Zinc Pto I suppose, many brands carry it. 
Clear? Head&Shoulders? Zinc? those shampoo really famous for their speciality in anti-dandruff. Many of other shampoo brand also have their own anti-dandruff series.
For you who wondering what brand I already tried, I tried Clear both woman & man (for man I find it contains stronger Zinc), Head and Shoulder, Pantene, Sunsilk, Dove, Lifeboy. 
For everyday use for preventing the dandruff, clear & head&shoulder work for me. for Pantene it doesn't, for Sunsilk it helps when I was a little kid but I think they change their formulas and after I grown up it's doesn't suit me at all, Dove makes my hair even oilier and ended up having dandruff, for Lifeboy I get itchy after using it and because I'm scared i might be end up having dandruff again I change to my regular shampoo again.

In my own conclusion, Zinc can help me prevent dandruff but can't cure my dandruff. 
So, after that I try Selsun shampoo, not like other shampoo they use Selenium Sulfide.
and I find that this Selenium Sulfide is stronger that Zinc Pto.
This is works for who suffer a really bad dandruff just like me, for you who have it light, I feel that you still just can use Zinc type shampoo, because it works for many of my friends, cousins and my brother.

Selsun shampoo looks like this.
The yellow one to cure the dandruff. When I'm using this, my hair gets drier after shampooing. 
But Selsun already write it that this shampoo can be use 2 times a week. Maybe because the Selenium Sulfide is quite strong I think.
This shampoo really works on me, hmm my scalp cleared up after 2 weeks using this (remember, just twice a week using this). 
After it cured, you can go back to your usual shampoo. 
So this shampoo works like medicine, leave it after it heals.lol. When other shampoos like I mentioned above, you can use it as daily shampoo, for this one, nope you can't.
This shampoo also works for the first case above which is Scalp Psoriasis but I have to tell you to bear with the tingling itch burning sensation when using this, not too painful but yeah just like rubbing betadine to new wound. 
You have to wait about 2 - 3 minutes before washing it off

I tried all their shampoo variant. They also have the daily use shampoo type and conditioner thing. I'll make review about it later.

I hope this post is useful for you who's suffering from dandruff :)

Btw, this post works for both woman and man! 

Final words : If you having dandruff firstly you should try the Zinc Pto shampoo that can be use daily like type of shampoo I mention above BUT after you try them and it doesn't work, you can try the Selenium Sulfide one this is my suggestion.
Another but, if you want to get rid your dandruff as quick as you can then go ahead to the stonger one :)

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