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Hello you all...
sorry for MIA-ing for almost a month :(

It's not because I'm lazy to write or anything, but as maybe some of you already know, my computer is broken and I just have time to fix it about a week ago, and it still hasn't finish yet :( 

Today, I'm writing this post from my brother's bedroom (I have to type this quietly because he's sleeping and if he wake up, I can't write this post till finish .lol) 

Well...well... I have tons of review that I haven't post yet and the sad thing is, some photos are in my computer and you know it's broken now...so I don't know if that photos manage to survive or not. T__T. you better be safe! if not, sadly some of the review will be post without before after picture especially the acne treatment posts, because I already move on to another skincare product. For makeup product I still can re-take it.

Anyway. this is my 100th post! as I promise, I want to make another giveaway. I'm still thinking about the rules. for the prize, because of nowadays beauty boxes are so popular, I'm borrowing their concept :p . So the prize will be my own beauty box. I can't give you any details right now because the concept itself is still raw. but I'm thinking about giving you some skincare plus makeup products.
I will tell you all of it after my computer back. *let's pray together :D *

and... I'm changing my comment setting so anonymous can't write on my comment box because lately, there are many spam coming and my phone keep ringing because of that. 

Just imagine I get about 100 and more spams everyday :( I have to delete those e-mail one by one T_T

Also, I'm having a new online shop which is called "Classic Classy" on Facebook . I sell authentic bag such as Zara, Mango,etc with more affordable price compared to the counter. Well, the price gap not huge because you know it's authentic lol. If it has a huge gap of price, well you might want to re-consider it :)
And the other plus thing is you can DP it first and you can save your money slowly (for about a month) to pay it off later. 

I think that's all, my brother nearly wake up now... 
see you soon on my newest post.

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