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 ahh... it's good to be back ! 
Still stealing my brother's computer though. lol.

About 2 months ago, I was invited indirectly by Clerence Victoria to attend her birthday also her newest makeup & hair do studio & school. 

 We (Me, Feegy, Jesslyn, Felize and Hanny) came late because we get lose on the way to her new studio.

and we got a chance to try her skillful hands :) 

 Due to minimum time, her students came to rescue, they help her to do makeup to all of us.

and Novi is the one who did my makeup that day.

So this is my bare face. Don't try to ask what happen to eyes, I also don't know why one of my eyes has small eyelid and the other has bigger eyelid.lol. So, it look swollen and so dull when I don't put any makeup. 
Also not to forget my "naked eyebrow" :p. 
bare face

As my eyebrows is the major problem, she did my eyebrows first. lol. Even she kinda of shocked with my eyebrows, I remember our little conversation about my eyebrows. she said "oh my, your eyebrows" and I was like "I know right, that's why I said it's really hard for me to draw my eyebrows". and she said "well, it still can be drawn but a little bit hard". lol. 

Get my brows and eye makeup done. 

jump to the face now.

Final result : 

 Thanks Hanny for helping me took the photos :D. 

I'm using : Lancome + Bobbi Brown (as I remember) foundation [ she mixed it up those two ]
E.L.F blush & bronzer
black,purple and pearl white eyeshadow 
Anna Sui lipgloss
Silky Girl eyeliner

Closer : (took after I got home) 

with flash 

 I love the lip gloss color and smells. 

After that, We attend her birthday party along with the grand opening celebration for her new makeup & hair do studio & school also her Red Velvet Wedding Organizer. 

Giving opening speech . previously, her mom told Victoria's journey from the beginning until she became successful like now.  Btw, that day she's celebrating her 21st birthday. Very inspiring for me because I just one year younger than her but our difference is so huge especially the "self-financial" lol. 

As usual, the foodss.. :) I like the desserts. 

"Potong Tumpeng" to celebrate her new studio  

Also slice the red velvet cake with her partners in Red Velvet Wedding Organizer 

After that as usual we chit-chatting and eating the desserts, we didn't feel the time pass so fast and decided to say goodbye. 

Happy Birthday Clerence and Congratulation for your makeup & hair do studio and your wedding organizer :D

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