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Now, who's waiting to read my interview with YouTube Beauty Guru Cassandra Bankson
She tells us her acne story, skincare, makeup and model career here, for my blog's readers.

I know her YouTube channel few years ago, when I started to interest in makeup or let's say not interest but force to interest? because I want to cover my acne hahaha. Then, I found her channel! I remember after I watched it, I messaged my sis and gave the link (this is the first video that I watched : Acne Foundation Routine Flawless Skin (Full Coverage Tutorial) Cystic & Scaring )  to her and said to her that she gotta watch it. Her problem with mine is similar, acne and bacne,and many other things. I can't find any other channel that provide them except her channel. After that I become her subscriber.
The also shocking thing to me is her profession, she's a model ! not the model for unknown photographer girls~ but the professional one and appeared in many magazines like Seventeen, Vogue, US Weekly and many more. 

Are you curious yet ? lol. 
let's read the interview, shall we?

I will bold the sentence that I think will give you courage or inspiration and give my thoughts about it or maybe my story? :D

Hello Cassandra, first of all thank you for letting me interviewed you. It's such an honour and a happy opportunity :) 
Could you tell about yourself to my reader ?  

" My name is Cassandra Bankson :) 
I was born and raised in the San Fransisco bay area, and grew up loving cats, climbing trees, and reading books, preferably about dragons! :) 

I got acne at a young age, and was bullied severely in school because of it. It got really bad in high school, and that's when I would go online to YouTube to try to learn how to apply makeup. I would normally ask my mom, but she was a tomboy and never wore makeup herself! I ended up switching schools and graduating two years early, but during that time I became a recluse. I was so insecure I didn't want to see other people, or be seen by them. It wasn't until I started working with makeup that I could actually cover up my acne, and face the world. 
I started modelling when I felt confident about my skin. Modelling was fun, creative, and nobody knew me, so I wore makeup all the time and they could never tell I had acne
When I learned I wasn't being judged, I wanted to help others too, so I created a youtube channel, DiamondsAndHeels14, to help others by sharing my opinion on products and showing how I apply makeup. it took a lot of courage to show my bare skin, but I decided to show people how I covered my acne, start to finish. 

I was really scared about posting it, as I thought people would say the same things about my skin as they did in school, like "Pizza face" and "freak of nature". I didn't log onto youtube for 4 months because I was so worried, but when I did I had the most amazing response! People were saying such kind things! They finally loved me for me, even with my acne and skin condition! Youtube was such a helpful community, giving tips, tricks, and support :) From there, I started filming regular youtube videos to connect with my "YouTube Family", and I've been modelling and posting videos ever since! "

For myself I don't get bullied in school, but on the other way I "think" , feel bullied in family (like big family not my mom / dad ). They said that I can't be help, I'm ugly, black, thin and now pimply hahaha. No matter I dress, I can't be beautiful. Well, you can change school but can you change family ? so when they tell it, I just laugh along with them and said that's why I dress up. at least I don't get uglier (talking with big grin). 
I choose to laugh along with them so they will get bored? hahaha.

          Many of us wondering, how do you feel when you get acne problem for the first time and what did you do?

"When I first got acne I was in the 3d grade. A girl in my class named Carolyn asked me if it was a wart. I didn't know what it was, and she told me it might be contagious. I went home really worried that day to ask my mom, and she told me it was just a pimple and it would go away. At that age I didn't think much of it, until it started to get worse in middle school. Thats when kids started teasing me about it, and when I really started getting self conscious about my skin."

For me, I remember it was in my Junior High School? they all around my forehead. I got that because my mom told me to wash my face with facial wash for brightening (told you they said I'm black :P so my mom tried to fixed it), it's drugstore product though but later I found that  my skin is sensitive that's why I breakouts also the hormones changing I think.

          Between natural skincare and chemical skincare, which you think is the best (and maybe the fastest) way to say bye-bye to acne?

" I'm still trying to figure that out myself!!!
 It certainly is a balance. No matter how many products you use, you need to have an overall good "body balance" by living a healthy and active lifestyle, otherwise it will never go away! Also, even with a healthy active lifestyle, you need to take steps to cleaning and maintaining your skin, just having good hygiene! 

 I personally like glycolic acid and clay masks. masks stay on your skin for 10-20 Minutes, so they have time to work on your skin and draw out impurities. I also love glycolic acid- it is an exfoliant, and seems to help my skin so much, making it glowy and much more smooth. Naturally, I would highly recommend getting on a regular exercise routine, and drinking enough water! Even if you don't eat healthy at every meal, try to eat healthy at least 40% of the day, filling up on nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Try to avoid dairy and heavy carbohydrates. "

For me you must be know that I love love Salicylic Acid ! and I found when I sleep more my skin gets better :P

          What are your top five foundations that you recommend for acne prone skin? 

I love MakeupForEver HD for great coverage, Hourglass Immaculate for very very oily acne prone skin, Neutrogena Blemish control for a great drugstore foundation that fights acne while you are wearing it, I also love Tarte amazonian clay, its great because it helps the acne as well and is all natural, and last but not least my favorite moisturizer is by smashbox- its amazing for the skin but covers wonderfully! "

I love Neutrogena products too ! it's affordable and really suitable for acne prone skin.

          In Indonesia, the weather is always hot and humid also not to mention the pollution (especially Jakarta T__T ), Can you give us some advice about skincare - makeup routine for girls who have acne?

" If you have acne and its humid, try to use anti-shine primers under makeup and setting powders over the top. The primers and powder help soak up oil so the skin doesn't get too shiny! For oily skin in humid weather, always make sure to wash your face every night,and apply a good, but light moisturizer. I love neutrogena oil free for sensitive skin! "

I always use primer before foundation to keep my makeup stay and finish it with setting powder. 

Some time I feel like dark spots/deep scars/redness and all of the post-acne treatment are harder to get rid of, rather than the acne itself. 
Do you have any advice ? this is also happens with bacne, please share you secret with us. 

" I suffer from acne scaring as well, and thank goodness there are many options out there. If you want to go medical, there is "microdermabrasion", which helps break down the scars under the skin so that it is smooth. If the scars are purple, Hydraquinone is the absolute best. It goes into the spots and lightens them, making skin appear even and smooth. "

      One thing you can't live without (one skincare and one makeup product )

" Makeup Product I can't live without: Mascara. Even without makeup, mascara makes your eyes GLOW!! And sometimes people concentrate on your eyes, and not your skin. Mascara is amazing!!

Skincare Product I cant live without: A great clay skincare mask. They can remove toxins, hydrate, and exfolaite all in one. They always leave my skin feeling so amazing and so relaxed! "

          Many of girls get acne because they are trying new skincare or makeup that people tell that it's good for your skin but ended up having breakouts. 
Do you have any tips and tricks to know which one is suitable for your skin?

" YES!!! We filmed a video on this :) Breaking out may actually be GOOD when trying a new product! It can mean the skin is "clearing out" al the layers of junk. If the product is working it should get better in 1-3 weeks. if it doesn't, then the new product probably isn't making things any better! You can see the video here :)

Please tell us some secrets about modelling with acne and bacne, any difficulties? because some girls are potential enough to become a model but they are afraid of not being accepted to become a model because they don't have health skin. (Many of us know that models are flawless, is that true? )

" It is certainly difficult, mainly if the light is wrong, or if there is a makeup artist who can't cover skin. Many times, I do my own makeup because makeup artists aren't talented enough to cover my spots. Lighting can also make or break a look, if it is dramatic with shadows it can show everything, but if the lighting is "soft" it honestly hides every single bump there may be!  Defiantly go for your dreams!!! Whats the worst that can happen, they say "no", and you TRY AGAIN! There are always exceptions to every rule, so never let ANY insecurity get in the way of your true dreams and happiness. Even if you are turned down 100 times, it only takes once to be said yes and fulfil a dream :) 

Always, always believe in yourself even if others don't! Models are NOT flawless- its something I always thought too, but models have pretty bad skin! They are constantly putting on makeup for show, not getting enough sleep, are stressed, and of course they break out! It is a huge misconceptions that they are flawless. Thats why makeup is so helpful to them too to hide imperfections! 
http://greenbeautyteam.com/features/models-with-bad-skin-what-that-means-to-you/ "

Read the articles girls, it's a good article :D . This one enlighten me, at least I don't feel jealous anymore with model who wears makeup everyday but her skin is so clear and flawless :D .
Believe it or not, once I bravely message Cosmopolitan girl to ask what if I want to be a model but I have many flaws (read : acne & bacne and dark spots). They said that just sent them the portfolio first. hahaha

          Your Indonesian fans (and they want me to tell you that they love your videos) wondering will you considering visit Indonesia (Jakarta maybe?) for holiday? And maybe a meet up so we can greet and know you in person :)

" I would love love love love LOVE to go to Indonesia!!! Its honestly one of my dreams, I've always wanted to see the Jakarta cathedral, and of course all of the beautiful nature and landscape. I hope to someday visit and have a meetup- hopefully soon!!! <3 "

I hope you can see Jakarta Cathedral soon Cassandra, it's not far from my house actually :p and we can meet up one day  :) 

This is Cathedral in Jakarta ....

Watch her channel here : diamondsandheels14 . Not only talk about acne she also teach you how to do makeup routine about life and modelling life :D
And like her Facebook Page to know her better :) 

*all photos are provided from Cassandra Bankson herself. thanks

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