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neutrogena,skinclearing blemish concealer

Time to another review ! 

This is my favourite concealer until now. I have tried several concealers but this one just "click" to me. 
I must say that Neutrogena is my favourite drugstore brand for my acne skin. I tried some of their products and mostly satisfy with it. The price also doesn't hurt my pocket but still I have to pay higher than needed because I have to import it by my own. 

I will be smiling ear to ear if this brand comes to Indonesia. 

You know that I'm a big fan of Salicylic Acid and this concealer has it. That's why I don't hesitant to buy it.
the price is $7.99 (without shipping fee to Indonesia ;p ) at drugstore.com , which is pretty affordable. Sadly, it only contains 0.05oz, very little amount.... 

Mine is shade light 10. At first I think it will be too light for my skin, it's the correct shade after all.
neutrogena,skinclearing blemish concealer

This concealer has dual function, covering and clearing up blemish.
Sometimes or many times when I'm using a concealer to cover up my blemishes, it will get worsen after that. They become redden and worsen. Who's with me ??

When I'm using this concealer, it didn't happen. I think it's because the salicylic acid that contains in it. 

neutrogena,skinclearing blemish concealer
It contains 0.5% salicylic acid, which is not to high but effective enough for makeup purpose. 
Other ingredients as seen as on the picture above. 

If this concealer treats blemishes or not, uhmm.... I can't say that it helps blemishes disappear (or like the ads say clear up) but I'm sure that after covering my blemishes with this concealer all day long, my blemishes didn't get worsen, like at all. It just as same as before I covered them.  
Which is a really good thing. I don't want make acne gets worsen after wearing makeup T__T 

neutrogena,skinclearing blemish concealer

Using sponge tip for applicator, not to hygiene in my opinion but somehow I like it, makes it easy to use.  *lazy me* . 
The packaging is quite smart (I'm awing the first time using this.lol ) . 
You have to turn the dial at the bottom of this concealer and you will here "click" sound every time you turned it. The concealer will come out in a right amount, about the size of rice /click.
When you put it upside down, it doesn't leak.
The size is also suitable for travelling or if I want to put it in my bag. As same as regular pen size.

At some point I feel the concealer somewhat wasted. The sponge absorbes some of it T__T

Now, let's see what it look like when it's applied !

neutrogena,skinclearing blemish concealer
bare face

Quick information, my skin much cleared up because of ePure masque ( I already review it while ago : read here ) . I'm running out of acne medication right now... I don't wear any acne medication at all now. 

Dotted it to the center of my blemish. You can see the colour is similar to my skin colour. 
neutrogena,skinclearing blemish concealer

When it blends

neutrogena,skinclearing blemish concealer

Tadaa~... magic happens. 

I use this concealer before foundation and then set it with translucent powder to hold it then I use foundation to make the coverage more perfect.


- Use this concealer only on your blemishes, because this product size is small :p

- Don't use this concealer to cover redness around your nostril, because this product contains salicylic acid, this ingredient is too harsh for skin around nostril. (I just realize I don't have blemishes around my nostrils hohoho... just redness, blackheads and whiteheads)

- Let the concealer stay and sank in to your skin for a minute before you apply foundation. 

- Set it first with translucent powder before using foundation. 

Re-purchase ? Oh yes, this is one of my secret weapon for my makeup routine. 

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