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selsun,shampoo,dandruff shampoo

Helloo.... as I promise, I'm reviewing my favourite shampoo to combat my dandruff.
If you haven't read my post about dandruff, you can read it here 

I've tried three kinds of Selsun's shampoo so far. It's very easy to find this shampoo at our supermarket. I don't know you can find it at mini market or not.

In the photo above there are just two shampoo because I don't use the other type now. But I'm still including that type to this post :) 

selsun,shampoo,dandruff shampoo

This one is Selsun Yellow. This is what you need if you have severe dandruff.  It contains 1.8% Selenium Sulfide. For the price it's expensive compare to other shampoo, but for me it's worth every penny. You just need this shampoo if you have the dandruff, so it's cure your dandruff not prevent you dandruff. We can called this , dandruff medicine? (Yeah, it's work like medicine, take it if you sick, don't use it if you are healthy)

selsun,shampoo,dandruff shampoo

It has this orange-yellowish colour. It doesn't have any fragrant, so your hair won't be smell great but it won't smell bad to. Hmm, like don't have any smell? lol. 
After you use this, your hair will be look drier and rougher and less oiler.  I think it's because of the concentration of selenium sulfide is pretty high. Si, I'd recommend to apply conditioner after using this shampoo for dry hair type. 
You have to careful to not use this shampoo everyday. remember this is "medicine" so you need schedule :p . Just use it 2 or 3 a week, and stop it after your dandruff goes away.

selsun,shampoo,dandruff shampoo

This is Selsun Blue. As you can see on the picture above, This shampoo can be use everyday and they adding extra conditioning formula. They said it makes your hair healthy, manageable, dandruff free, clean and shiny. So, after you use Selsun Yellow and you want to find another shampoo for everyday use, this is it. This shampoo also can cure your dandruff, if you don't have severe dandruff, like you already feel itchy and "snow" falling on your shoulders (you know what I mean :p ), then you can also use this. For the price, it's cheaper than Selsun Yellow.

selsun,shampoo,dandruff shampoo

As you can see, the selenium sulfide is lower than the yellow one, just 1%. 

selsun,shampoo,dandruff shampoo

If Selsun yellow has orange-yellowish colour, this one has blue colour. So interesting right.lol.

selsun,shampoo,dandruff shampoo

Last one but not the least and I think this one is kinda new, because I just found and tried it, I always go to shampoo section to buy selsun shampoo for stock in my house :p . 
This is Selsun Gold but it has pink and purple background hahaha. 
It has double conditioner and also for daily use. It still as same as selsun blue I think, but I notice this one is more conditioning than the two others. And it has a scent.... but I always think of my grandma's hairspray when I smell it. So, the smell is kinda.... old? 

selsun,shampoo,dandruff shampoo

It also has orange-yellowish colour (yes, same photo from above :p , because it's totally the same) 
this one is more expensive than selsun blue but cheaper than selsun yellow, so this one is in the middle. 

Other important information :
- Shake it well before use
- After apply it onto you hair, leave it for about 2-3 minutes. I usually move to body wash and rinse it all at the same time (save water :p)

Hope it helps to rid of your dandruff.

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  1. nice review!
    somehow i wish it has fragrance, so hair will smell good ;p

    1. Yeah me too, they already make an effort by launching selsun gold but the smell still....weird :p

      Love, Leonita