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Hi, I'm Chucky Wanna play ?
I watched Chucky since I was a kid and honestly, I like chucky doll very much.
Let's say I'm a big fan of chucky *sounds weird*
Still, can't get enough of halloween. I make a makeup look inspired by Chucky.

So, Who's wanna play with me ? Totally safe !

We know that Chucky is a boy ( or man, whatever ) and he has a wife named Tiffany, right? 
Therefore, I tried to combined them and I use blue and red colour because it's Chucky trademark (remember his shirt? ) . I don't know if you guys get it or not hahaha. 

Prep the face with CC Cream to make a porcelain white skin look.

Apply foundation with the same shade of your skin. The CC Cream helps your skin looks brighter and silkier ( doll skin look like) so you don't need to use foundation that lighter to your skin.

Draw red eyebrow with high arch.
I use face paint in stick to draw the eyebrows.
use blue eyeshadow ( I use blue face paint in the pics) to your entire lid and make a little wing
Use the same red colour to your lower lash line.

For wounds, draw a line with black colour face paint or you can use eyeliner too but pick the one that doesn't give you strong black colour.
I draw the line just like in Chucky Doll wound that I looked on the internet.

RIght side

Apply red colour to the entire black line, you need to be messy in this case :p
I also use face paint for the blood but you can use red lipstick instead.

Left Side

Time for the stitches. 
Draw the stitches with black jet eyeliner. Don't draw it neatly, remember, messiness is required to make it natural haha

Apply blood red lipstick to the entire lips. The bolder, the better

Apply pink blusher to the cheeks and apply it boldly.

And you're done!!

Base : Etude House CC Cream
Foundation : Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation
Face Paint : Amos Face Deco For Kids for eyes and lining the wounds
Lipstick : Rimmel Kate Number 11
Blush : Etude House Peach Cheek Blusher

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