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I dyed my hair again about a week ago. Totally don't know what colour I want to have after the last one. Also, quite dilemma because if I dyed my hair, I will lose my magenta highlight, which I adore... so much ! 

But, the dark root had grown out and I feel quite ugly. It's time to let go my magenta highlight then.
(btw, I'm suffering from dandruff that time :( . Pardon me for the disturbing dandruff )

However, after thinking over and over what colour I'd like to have, I still longing for this magenta colour haha. Then, I thought, maybe a little bit of red or orange tone is quite interesting.

I picked Majirouge Rubilane in 7.45.
This is not a bubble foam hair colouring like I used to use. 
Quite worried with the result will become uneven. Anyway, I still do it and keep crossing my fingers, please don't be too uneven.

My hair colour before the colouring 

So, this is my hair looks like now :)

It has a nice red ruby colour and I really like the colour when the sunlight hits. 
Totally loving my hair colour right now, I miss my magenta highlight though :p 
Using cream hair colour ( do I say it right? ) gives me more vibrant colour than using bubble foam hair colour. However, I had quite a hard time applying the cream to all over my hair.

I bought it for IDR 75.000 at Pasar Baroe.

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