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Hello dearly readers....
Another natural product review. Still from Bliss Collection, thank you !!
This is the unrefined shea butter. what is unrefined shea butter? 

Unrefined shea butter is the one that still raw, hasn't been treated yet.
So, it's like 100% from the nature, something like that :p

Shea Butter is only found in the tropics of Africa. It is extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree.

For you who has allergy with nuts, be careful.

Because it still raw, the colour is a bit yellowish, not like other shea butter on the market with white colour. The one with white colour is the refined shea butter.

The smells is also, hmm...not to good.

But, the effect that this unrefined shea butter gives is two thumbs up hehhee.

Origin : Africa
Ingredient : 99,99% Organic Pure Unrefined Shea Butter

Shea Butter helping to restore elasticity, minimise stretch marks of the skin, excellent moisturiser, and helping in treatments of various skin ailments.

What I like with this shea butter is that it can be use from head to toe. Hmm, I never try to use this shea butter to my hair but I remember that some people do?!, I just use this for my face and body.

For face, it can helps to reduce premature facial lines, dark spots, marks, minor scars, chapped lips, blemishes & bumps, and maintain moisture & skin softness.

You have to warm it up with your palm so, the shea butter will spread to the area you wanted.
it looks like wax before you warm it up.
After the shea butter entirely spread, it gives me, matte finish but when I touch it, I can feel my skin become oily (in positive way). 

I'm sorry because of my lack of camera equipment, I can't capture the before after using this product. 
This shea butter really helps my chapped lips ( remember, the time, I wrote about using matte lipstick and it makes my lips chapped? I use this shea butter to my lips to heal it )
Also, I use it on my face to, it helps to reduce my acne and dark spots. The noticeable one is the dark spots are almost gone if I use it diligently hihihi. 

For body, I use it to my back side, because I use acne treatment soap, so my back side is so dry and to my elbow and knee to make it smoother. Also my legs, because I shaved them a lot hahhaha.

It takes time though to see the result, but I think it's okay, right? because it's organic, so... you know, natural ingredient really took our time and we have to diligently treated it to see the result !

Shea Butter best condition is about 18 - 24 months. 
The price is about IDR 95.000 for 50gr, or if you want to try a little bit first, there is also 5gr size, costs IDR 17.000

I totally recommended this product if you have a really dry skin, but for oily skin don't worry, you also can use this (like me) but use just a little amount of it. 

Conclusion : 
# 99.99% Natural
# Reasonable Price (because this 1 tube can be use for the whole body :p )
# Treated my dark spots
# Helps to treat my acne
# Smells not to good

If you also want to try it, you can contact Bliss Collection
Facebook : Bliss Coll
BB Pin : 2584C971

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