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Hello readers ~ 
Right now I'm in The Body Shop Store at Senayan City for The Body Shop Beauty Bloggers event for JFW. 
I will do some review about the newest collection from TBS, Colour Crush. 
Colour Crush is the official make up for Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. 

I'm so thrilled with this colour crush just look at the colour range. 
Beautiful pastel colours and they carried lots of shades, up to thirty new colours for eyeshadow. wow.

The eyeshadow claims easy to blend and great for building layers of colour, and what I heard also, that you can mix some colour and will get a new colour! How great it is?! Having our own colour :P

You can choose to go to pearly or matte with these eyeshadows.

Image Source : The Body Shop Indonesia FB Page

I also loving their newest colour crush lipstick.

They have 24 brilliantly vibrant shades of lipstick. Comes with three colour families : The brightest red,  The sweetest pinks and the finest nudes.

I can't keep my hands (and lips) off with their fine nude colour range. I'm so in with nude colour these couple weeks
Image Source : www.thebodyshop.co.id
The eyeshadow colours are vibrant and the lipstick easily glides on my lips and as beautiful as in the stick :)

All colour crush collection have this unique ingredients, of course, it's cruelty free!

Image Source : www.thebodyshop.co.id
The price is quite affordable, for eyeshadow

And I have a chance to make a makeup look using this Colour Crush Collection

Also look at the venue, totally crowded with us hohoho

The complete Colour Crush Collection. What's Your Colour ??

Here's my makeup look for Colour Crush Collection 

I want to create bold, mysterious, colour blocking for this look.

Details :

I use 

for the inner eyes, I use this bright blue colour and purple colour for inner corner.

I mixed two colour for my lips, I use

I use dark brown colour as a base and put purple berry colour to add some red colour.

See you at The Body Shop Talk Show at Atrium all....

Thank You The Body Shop for inviting me
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Twitter : @TheBodyShopIndo
Instagram : thebodyshopindo

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