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Time for another review ~
This body soap can produce lots and lots of foam, with just a little amount of the soap.
The foam itself is so bouncy, I think that's why they named it Bouncia.

The size is huge 550 ml, and we only need a pump for every showering. So, I predict that this bottle will last about 6 months.

Using a pump nozzle. Somehow the first time opening the nozzle, the soap leaked a little bit. 

I just need about this amount to create lots of foam. 
and the fun begins....

I'm using my shower puff to create the foam. Just keep squeezing. The more you squeezing, the more foam you'll have

The foam is so bouncy and solid. it won't turns into liquid again. how cool is that >.<

It stayed when I tried to turn it upside down.
The scents is also so fragrant. It linger on my body all day long.
For me, what I like the most is when the foam keep growing and growing....

Conclusion : 
# Smells great
# Bulky packing, not travel friendly 
# The scents linger on skin for the entire day
# Create lots of foam with a little amount of the soap 

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