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My first foundation review *wohoo*
I have a lot of foundation in my closet because my face really need a strong cover up :p
Foundation is my secret weapon to get a flawless face in a short time ! 

Bought this foundation in November, so this the newest foundation in my collection :)
Bought it at Galleria Hong Kong International Airport. Giorgio Armani Beauty only have one store in Asia, which is in Hong Kong :(
I Kinda forget how much is this cost, but it's 60 USD in USA and when I bought it in HK, I remember it's slightly expensive than in USA.

This is the new packaging of GA foundation, with GA symbol on the cap. It has SPF 20 and the size is 30ml.

The GA symbol on the cap is at the bottom of the cap. Have to be careful not to break it :)

Mine is shade 5. My shade is 5.25 but they only have the exact number. So I chose 5 instead.
The one thing that I like with GA foundation in general is even tough the shade is not exactly the right shade for me, but it still blend nicely to my skin, so when I use this, it didn't look to white or to orange or anything. Just...right.

We should shake it first before use it

Taken from Giorgio Armani Beauty Website.
It has SPF 20 which is quite low if you're living in my country, the weather is extremely hot.lol.

Swatch :

it's very liquidy, if you're the first timer using GA foundation, you'll be worried that it won't cover your skin perfectly but don't worry, it covers perfectly
. Just look at my hand :)

Bare Face

Using GA Lasting Silk Foundation

Using this foundation without primer or base at all, and it stays until night. I applied at 12.00 pm and remove it at 22.00 at night. 

The coverage is quite high but won't cover the entire flaws so it's considered as medium coverage. It's light-weight.The only main is, if I use it everyday it will run out quickly, and the price is . . . . *make me think* lol


FYI, I renew this post, for better quality pictures (before and after, per February 2016). As for now, this foundation is still my favourite and my only liquid foundation (along with Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani as well). I use Lasting Silk for almost on every occasion and as Luminous Silk is my to go when my skin dry and I want to make my makeup more to glowy rather than matte glow.

Also, Giorgio Armani Beauty closest store from Indonesia is at Changi Airport Singapore. I usually bought it there.

Conclusion : 
# Gives matte glowy finish
# SPF 20
# Slightly white cast (because of the SPF)
# Covers my breakouts, mostly
# Great oil Control
# Pricey and hard to get (in Indonesia)
# Blend nicely onto the skin
# Don't cause breakouts after using it
# Water based foundation
# buildable Coverage
# Medium Coverage
# Light Weight

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