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Weeks ago, I got invited to know better about my favourite yogurt. Yes, it's Heavenly Blush.
Some of you know that I love Heavenly Blush's frozen yogurt and their yogurt drink. Tried them all also made the review a year ago.

Heavenly Blush' representative, Mr. Ricky telling us the benefit drinking yogurt drink everyday.
Because drinking yogurt especially from Heavenly Blush is like eating fruit everyday. HB puts real fruit in their yogurt drinks.

 While Mr. Ricky explaining the benefits, we (beauty bloggers) enjoying our food.

As I said before, the yogurt drink contains fruits extract and vegetables extracts (their newest yogurt drink flavour contains veggies ) , 11 minerals and 14 vitamins. They are helpful for our digestive system, fight against evil bacteria, and they are non fat without any preservatives, and other benefits are shown on the picture above. I can't type it one by one because it's so maannyy....

Just look at the vitamins and minerals that contains in one bottle, takes one full side of the bottle .lol

The newest variant of HB's yogurt drink is Sugar Free Mangosteen Guanabana.
Guanabana is Sirsak in Indonesian, fyi. This one is sugar free. 

However, if you're wondered why it still tastes sweet ? Because they use Tropicana Slim sugar which is a known as a sugar-free sweetener.

Contains yogurt + mangosteen, guanabana, banana, spinach, tomato and cauliflower.
useful to prevent cancer, heart disease, liver disease, pollution neutraliser and fixing body tissues. 

As for me, the taste is less sweeter than the other three flavours. Well, it's sugar free. Somehow, I like the guanabana inside the drink. 

Speaking of the other three flavour also the box packaging, I already made the review a year ago. So, you can read it here :

If you're asking me which one is my favourite.
I have to say the purple one, which is Mixed Berries. Then the Peach Mango, Strawberry Pome, Strawberry yogurt ( box packaging ) and the least is Sugar Free Mangosteen Guanabana.
Favourite one !
I drink this yogurt drink everyday years ago (hmm, when I still have money). I bought all flavours so I won't bored drinking everday for diet purpose. So when I want to eat something, I just drink this. So convenient. The downside is just the price is pricey if you drink it for everyday. About 18.000 rupiahs that time, and right now is about 20.000 rupiahs . 20.000 rupiahs a day x 30 days = 600.000/ month . T__T. 
The other choice to stock up the box packaging, but... I missed the bits of fruit inside of the yogurt. So... you know, the boredom is hitting me right away. Right now, I just drink it when I want to. 
Drinking yogurt is also good for the skin, because it contains fruits and veggies, which we know it's our natural medicine for skin problems :D

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