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As you know, I went to China months ago, only went to Shanghai & Hangzhou though and it was so so short yet expensive T__T . 
Went to the famous Nanjing road in the afternoon.

The exhausted face at Hong Kong International Airport before fly again to Shanghai

My friend who lives in Shanghai said that I should eat Shanghai's egg tarts, it's their typical food.
The price is quite affordable and this egg tarts are the best egg tarts I tried so far, trust me, I tried many egg tarts in Jakarta but this one is the winner :D

At night, went to seeing Shanghai icon, Shanghai tower from afar

What a tired face ?!? 

Trying to do the, you know... like I'm holding the tower, ended up... FAILED ! T__T 
Big applause for people who can do it.

I'm starting lookbook now, if you have one... do follow me :)

Blue Tank Top : Unbranded
Yellow Sweater : Cloth Inc
White Jeans :  Unbranded
Shoes : Reebok
Red Litsea Bag : Baggy Bag Store
Sunglasses : Cotton On

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