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Got a chance to visited west lake, which is known for the white snake and butterfly lovers story.
West Lake is in Hangzhou and this is the only place I visited when in Hangzhou. 

West lake entrance. Feeling so chinese hahaha.
Somehow, when I was there, I don't feel like traveling to other country because we took private bus and only seeing building and other interesting location that caught my eyes from the bus. 

The weather was quite warm when I arrived at west lake, but still windy. In the morning the weather was much colder.

The reminder of the butterfly lovers.

Such a breathtaking view !
Feel so sad I can't go the the pagoda. In my entire life, I really want to see by my own eyes pagoda in close and see the interior. *sobbing*

Don't have those trees in my country. It would be great if my city, at least have a park that have a view like this. 

Sunglasses : Cotton On
Scarf : Gaudi
Yellow Blazer : Vintage 
Red Bag : Unbranded
Inner top : Unbranded
Skort : Uniqlo
Brown Legging : Unbranded
Heels : Charles & Keith

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