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Chinese New Year night in here....
As a tradition, we had dinner with our relatives and wearing new clothes ! 
also dressed up a little bit (ehem, in my case, I dressed up on every occasions )

I don't know if you guys realise it or not, my hair is blacker than before, I toned down my hair because my surroundings said that it's too yellow and not suit to me, so I tone it down by adding light purple colour. So, if you see a blue-ish tint colour on my hair, it's the purple :D

 Maze Crop Top  : Forever21

Houndstooth Skirt :  Cloth Inc
Yellow Belt  : Forever21
Stylish Studs Detail Crossbody Bag :  East Clothes
Sneakers  : Pull & Bear

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  1. Nice blog and post! I'm ur follower! :)
    Feel free to join my worldwide choies giveaway!

  2. cute stuff le !!
    wah, houndstooth,!! my ootd for chinese new year is houndstooth too. hahaha

  3. Love, love, love this outfit! I love the sort of clash of geometric pattern with the splash of colour from the belt. Then your sneakers as well - I'm a comfort girl so they are definite winner too! You look great!

  4. OMG !! Such an illusional dress !! Loved the combo and the maze print on it <3 Looked so cute xx

  5. Love how you managed to mix those quirky prints!

    ♡, Didi of Frances and Flair

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  6. Wow.. you look fantastic. I love love love that top. That is so going to my wishlist haha. And that skirt is equally amazing. I can't appreciate enough how brilliantly you worked them both. So fab! <3

  7. super love the outfit<3