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Phew, it's mid May already ? I still struggling with my project ( yes, the same project I mention before... still THAT project...how boringgg ) . So, I attend this event on April, and pardon me post it way too late.

knock - know, how's in there ? beauty bloggers... yup, all of them are beauty bloggers that Cosmekita invited... we are waiting the event started :D

First, an introduction about Cosmekita from Mr. Kenny
Cosmekita is a community site  powered by Blogger, users, online store, and Vendor. In Cosmekita, we collect the entire catalog of products to make the products easier to be search / known.
 COSMEKITA concept is "Create, Beauty, Together".

A demo to show us how to draw a perfect eyebrow, and all the product are using the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

A makeup and hair demo from Yamano School of beauty  , they teach us Japanese makeup and how Japanese style their hair... it's really beautiful  

And he brought a gold tattoo which can last for about a week, and it's super pretty....

I love the butterfly tattoo... So sad I can't wear this kind of tattoo because I'm a sloppy person, so sometimes I scratch my arm unintentionally... it will ruined the tattoo then :(

Here's the result of the hairstyling demo... what a cute flower >.<

Love the natural wave they created 

Okay.... I know it so short... sorry because I'm in rush...my project poking me all the time >.<
see you.... ( oh, I hope I can finish this project asap *crossedfingers* )

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  1. I live this,but the hair,SO CUTE ! You should try and do a tutorial on this.
    Hope to hear from you on my blog :)

  2. This looks like such a great event!

    Check out my NEW POST!


  3. nice post! it looks great and fun!
    btw thanks for shared your comment on my blog.
    comeback again soon and keep in touch!

    Margareta Vania

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  4. I just met your blog and is so pretty. I invite you to visit my blog and if you want follow me on blogger! Kisses :)


  5. Seems like a fun event! I want to go to one soon :)
    Want to follow each other on GFC? and Can you also click on link to the shorts in our latest outfit post? <3 It means a lot to us! <3
    Fash Fab