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Phew, it's mid May already ? I still struggling with my project ( yes, the same project I mention before... still THAT project...how boringgg ) . So, I attend this event on April, and pardon me post it way too late.

knock - know, how's in there ? beauty bloggers... yup, all of them are beauty bloggers that Cosmekita invited... we are waiting the event started :D

First, an introduction about Cosmekita from Mr. Kenny
Cosmekita is a community site  powered by Blogger, users, online store, and Vendor. In Cosmekita, we collect the entire catalog of products to make the products easier to be search / known.
 COSMEKITA concept is "Create, Beauty, Together".

A demo to show us how to draw a perfect eyebrow, and all the product are using the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

A makeup and hair demo from Yamano School of beauty  , they teach us Japanese makeup and how Japanese style their hair... it's really beautiful  

And he brought a gold tattoo which can last for about a week, and it's super pretty....

I love the butterfly tattoo... So sad I can't wear this kind of tattoo because I'm a sloppy person, so sometimes I scratch my arm unintentionally... it will ruined the tattoo then :(

Here's the result of the hairstyling demo... what a cute flower >.<

Love the natural wave they created 

Okay.... I know it so short... sorry because I'm in rush...my project poking me all the time >.<
see you.... ( oh, I hope I can finish this project asap *crossedfingers* )

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