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Cleansing water become more and more popular right now. The first cleansing water I tried is Bioderma cleansing water. I read and watched many bloggers, vloggers, even celebrities use this cleansing water. 
Last year to be exact, I was invited by Bioderma Indonesia because they finally in here! I know you already knew about it because you are as excited as I am to try this product.

On this post I want to share a bit how wonderful this cleansing water is and also....Bioderma and I will giving you and 5 of your friends this lovely H2O cleansing waters.

Bioderma Indonesia has two types of cleansing water. Sensibio H2O and Sebium H2O.

Sensibio H2O is the first ever cleansing water Bioderma launched.
It cleanses, removes makeup, and soothes also it suitable for sensitive skin.

Then Bioderma launched Sebium H2O. This one is specially for combination/oily skin type. It has fruity scent while Sensibio has no scent at all. If you love fruity scent you have to get this one a try. The scent is just right that won't make you cringe your nose ^^

My favourite is Sensibio H2O because it's fragrance free. When it comes to cleansing, I prefer no scent at all ^^

ever since this product available in Indonesia, I use sensibio H2O to removes my everyday makeup. I like using this cleansing water because it removes my makeup super fast and it also freshen my face after a long tiring day 

 both removes my makeup wonderfully, it has no different whether I use Sensibio nor Sebium.
Here's what it looks like after 1-2 swipes using Sensibio/Sebium:

Before is my face after working all day long. my brow still there and my face looks oily. After I use H2O cleansing water, my brow is gone T__T 

Now to the main point of this post and I know you already looking for this...

so this how you can win a full size of either Sensibio / Sebium H2O Cleansing Water (250ml) and 5 of your friends can receive a sample of the Sensibio H2O (10ml):

1. Follow Black Blue Blizzard with GFC ( Right side bar) 
2. Follow my Instagram (@leonitane)
4. Repost my facebook & instagram photo of this giveaway as many as you want and tag and ask 5 of your friends to join this giveaway. The more the merrier ^^//  and use this TAQ : #blackblueblizzardxbiodermaGA
Note: on the post please tell me which H2O cleansing water you want to win 

5. Don't forget to mention Bioderma Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/BiodermaIndonesia ) & Instagram ( @bioderma_id ) every time you repost this giveaway
6. Post on comment bellow your data ( Name, Instagram , Facebook, E-mail and your choice of H2O Cleansing water)

That's it! 
There will be 2 winners, 1 person will get Sensibio H20 and the other one will get Sebium H2O. Both of winners can give their 5 tagged friends a sample of Sensibio H2O (10ml)

Giveaway will start from November 10th - November 24th 2014. I will announce the winners on my Facebook & Instagram so... keep watching my social medias hehehe

For Indonesian Residents Only~

Winners :
Dewi Yang
Yenni Oktavia

Love, Leonita
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  1. Ikuuttttt....
    Name: winda
    Instagram: @wind1403
    Facebook: winda trisuci
    E-mail: wind.atree@yahoo.com
    My choice of H2O Cleansing water: Sensibio


  2. Name: Indira W
    Instagram: aimi269
    Facebook: Indira Wulandari
    Email: indiranyan@yahoo.co.jp
    My choice is sensibio because I have sensitive skin and like fragrance free product. Wish me luck this time ^^

  3. What an interesting product ^^
    I have never seen this brand before, looks very effective, plus great for sensitive skin which I have TT

    恵美より ♥

  4. Name: Theresia Syanli Octavia
    Instagram: @theresiasyanli
    Facebook: Theresia Syanli (www.facebook.com/cenviere25)
    Email: theresiasyanli@yahoo.com

    I would like to try Bioderma Sebium H2o because my face is oily and have acnes I hope bioderma sebium can help me to remove make up, I can't wear makeup because I still didn't know which product is good with acne on my face and I heard that bioderma is great, that's why I hope I can adopt bioderma sebium

    Instagram : http://instagram.com/sylvianaxxi
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sylvianasaputri
    E-mail : sylvianasaputri@gmail.com
    My choice of H2O Cleansing water :Sensibio H2O (pink one)

  6. Name : Dewi Yang
    Instagram : @dewiuno
    Facebook : Dewi Yang
    E-mail : lolly_me1@yahoo.com
    I want sebium H20 because my face is full of acnes right now a.k.a bruntusan and I have to keep my face clean wherever I am~! hope I can get this one from you ci, cos already join the others but not lucky enough haha~
    wish me luck <3

  7. Name: Shinta Dwi Asmarani
    Instagram: @shintadwia
    Facebook: Shinta Dwi Asmarani
    E-mail: asmaranishintadwi@gmail.com
    I choose Sebium H2O for my oily skin. Thanks for giveaway, wish me luck. ^^

  8. Name: Yenni Octavia
    Instagram: @Yenninoii
    Facebook: Yenni Octavia
    E-mail: yenni.noii.octavia@gmail.com
    I choose Sensibio H2O ^^

  9. Name: Bunga Wijayanti
    Instagram: @jbungaw
    Facebook: Bunga Wijayanti
    E-mail: jbungaw@gmail.com
    i choose sensibio H2O.
    thank you for giveaway. wish me luck <3

  10. Nama : Widya A
    Instagram : @widya_moonz
    Facebook : Widya As-Mellow
    Email : mosc_msmellow@yahoo.com
    My choice : Sebium H20 because I have oily and acne prone skin
    Wish me luck, penasaran dan pengen banget coba bioderma, udah iku giveaway dari beberapa blogger lain ga ada yg beruntung :(
    Thankyouu :D

  11. i using bioderma too!! love it so muchhh <3


  12. Name : Vania Hendra Gunawan
    Instagram : @vaniahendra
    Facebook : Vania Hendra
    E-mail : vaniiahendragunawan@gmail.com
    I choose Sensibio H2O Cleansing water