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On November 24th 2014, Johnny Andrean held their regular award which is called 8th Jhonny Andreans Awards with Tokyo Instaglam as its theme.

Johnny Andrean collaborated with 2 team of hair stylists. Johnny Andrean Awards Artistic Team & Shiseido Beauty Top Specialist Tadashi Harada.

In this show, Johnny Andrean Artistic Team showed 2 themes. Japanese Gothic. Fashion by Opi Bachtiar and Classic Japan. Fashion by Tina Andrean Wedding. 

Another show was from Shiseido beauty top specialist, Tadashi Harada.
He joined Shiseido Professional in 2000. He also a hair director for product development and participating to decide the newest fashion trend and hair.

So, here are some hair do that showed at the event

Also on this event. Johnny Andrean and team giving some awards for celebrities who became Indonesian's trendsetters.
And the awards go to :

Best hairstyle male presenter : Teuku Zacky
Best hairstyle for female presenter : Cynthia Ramlan
Best appearance for public figure : Farah Quinn
Best appearance for couple : Ashraff Sinclar & BCL
Best hairstyle for actor : Herjunot Ali
Best hairstyle for male singer : Ello
Best make up for female singer : Indah Dewi PErtiwi
Best appearance for female group : Be 3
The lifetime achievement : Mien R. Uno

Love, Leonita
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