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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!! *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧
So, last year, December to be exact, I coloured my hair at APT Salon, Central Park Mall.
I really want to change my hair colour that time because the black roots started to grow and I already get bored with my blonde hair :p

I know this salon before, but never had a chance to try it. When ibudanmama offered fashion colouring in this salon, I said yes ^vv^.

I met with the owner Mrs. Olwens herself. She is sooo friendly and so are APT Salon's staffs.

For fashion colour, they use Shiseido which I know is super famous when it comes to fashion colouring.

When I get there, I still confused what colour I want. After looking through the colour chart, I decided to go blue ash. Sadly, the colour is currently out of stock >.<
So, I decided to go lavender ash, which is my second option ^^

Lavender Ash means, soft purple colour with ash tone... *excited*

I bleached my hair twice and the bottom of my hair thrice because of the ombre hype. My hair is pretty light so I don't need another bleach. 

My bleached hair from different lighting.

I also don't bleach my dark roots again because my head was sensitive at that time also I don't want to make my hair suffered anymore.LOL
So, we just straight to the colouring part ^^

Had a fun time during the process, because my colourist was friendly. We talked just like a long lost friend bhahahaha. Wait about 30 minutes before rinse it with cold water.

To maintain light colour, it's better to use cold water instead of warm. Warm water tends to make the colour fade. Sadly, I always use warm water for shower because I can't bear the coldness >.<

And Tadaa~ 
I'm loving the colour very much and so is the salon staffs. They also curious with my hair too because my bleached hair is kinda have different level of lightness hahhaa.

As you can see, you can really notice the beautiful lavender colour on the bottom of my hair. When the lighting streak my hair, you can notice the lavender hint too.
When there's no light, it will turn to dark grey kinda of silvery colour which I supeerrr love. 

Capturing my hair with so many different lighting and love the colour changing hahahaha
at the salon with as you can know, really bright room

With my colourist that day...thank you so much for your service :D

In my room

In my dressing room and standing right under the lights.

When the light streaks my hair ^^V

With another lighting :D

What do you think about my new hair??

Thank you APT Salon for having me....

Btw, if you want to know my hair journey, you can follow my instagram because I change my hair colour like changing my clothes lately bhahahhaa.

Love, Leonita
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