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I just realise that I keep posting about hair.LOL. 
I do busy with my hair for months lately so bare with me okay... ^^
Kaminomoto sent me this hair growth accelerator quite a while and I'm sorry I just posted it today because I keep delaying to try this product, there are always obstacles when I want to try it *excuseee

Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator purposely for you who suffer from hair loss and looking for a hair growth.  
I recently suffering with hair loss because the weather is so weirddd! Sometimes it's super hot then couple of minutes it rains. It makes my scalp so itchy and ended up having dandruff T_T
Because of the dandruff I keep scratching my scalp and as you can guess, the hair also come off along with the dried scalp hahahaha. 
But, I use this hair growth after my scalp free from scratch-ness. I tried it once when my scalp really on a bad condition and it quite sting my scalp so I suggest to let the scalp heal first

The original Kaminomoto's products come with a hollowgram on it.

Made of extract of Kujin, the roots of Japanese plant Kurara, Enmeiso and rosemary to activate bloog circulation and segmentation of cells and restore proper scalp function. Thus helping to stop hair loss and stimulare regrowth. Kanzo extract prevents inflammation of the scalp and keeps it healthy.

Use it twice a day, every day and night before sleep. Pour generous amount onto the scalp and massage it for about 1 - 2 minute and let it adsorb.

The bottle is huge and made of glass. You should be careful with it. Comes with a pretty big hole like the usual hair care products.
It smells like traditional chinese medicine, kinda herbal-ish and the scent of alcohol is also quite strong. 
Because of the alcohol ingredient it gives me the stingy sensation when I put it on my wounded scalp (the one that I scratch alott). 
Also it has cooling sensation which is good I think after having an itchy scalp hahahhaa

Okay, no more talk, prove is better righhtt??!

Here it is :

 I don't know if you can see it or not but the are many baby hairs. I use this product for only to weeks and sometime I forget to use it or on rush when it comes to morning :p

You can find this product at Guardian I suppose. I never try any other hair growth product but this one satisfied me.

Conclusion :
# Strong herbal-ish scent
# My bald spot has baby hairs right now
# Old fashion packaging but somehow I like it hahaha

Love, Leonita
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