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Honestly, I'm not a big fan of body lotion. You know, I'm a lazy and instant person hahaha. So, I was so lazy to rubbing any lotion if I don't need it. 
BUT! right now I need it!
It's been a while I'm switching from driving my car to taking public transportation. Every single day my skin gets extra exposure from the sun and without realising it, my skin is getting darker again T__T

Inspired from the quality of pure honey, processed with the latest technology in order to keep its purity, Natural honey radiate natural beauty skin

Yeah, I wasn't born (maybe I was, but later on I wasn't) with a soft, flawless and white skin. I have to work my ass off to achieve that. Do I have a soft, flawless and white skin now? I guess....not yet! hahaha.
Okay, after taking public transportation my skin especially my arms which I never covered with anything is getting darker like it used to be. Gladly, Natural Honey in collaboration with B Blog Indonesia offered these lovely products for me to try. With a beautiful golden package they sent me 4 types of hand & body lotion along with a brooch and a bangle (which I forget to put it on frame because I WAS wearing it. duh! hahaha) 

Natural Honey Moisture Rich 24h Formula with Olive oil & Vit. E

This product is suitable for you who has chapped skin such as elbows or maybe your heels. 
It will make your dry skin back to your soft and healthy with the pure honey, olive oil and Vit.E as the main ingredient.

As you can see, it has a runny consistency but it still quite thick.

After I spread it, it adsorbed quite fast and I didn't feel any stickiness at all.

Natural Honey Firm & Youthful 24h Formula with Yeast Extract & Collagen.
This one is suitable for you who want to have a firm, young and bouncy skin ^^

Yeast Extract believed as a skin conditioner to maintain skin softness. It also consist of Vitamin C that will help to produce collagen that will make our skin firm and brighter.

It has the runniest consistency compared with other variants. 
it adsorbed pretty fast too. 

Next is Natural Honey Pure White with SPF 30 PA++ , yogurt and Vitamin B3

Purposely for you who want to protect your skin from the sun. It also has double UV protection to protect us from the bad UV A & UV B. 

The consistency is quite thick, like a yogurt hahha

The last one is Natural Honey Antioxidant 24h Formula with Orange Extract & UV Protection.
This is suitable for you who always busy under the sun. This Natural Honey Antioxidant will keep your skin moist and healthy with its orange extract and also protecting the skin from the sun with its UV protection. It also contains Vitamin E

It has the thickest consistency of all variant. Yet it still adsorbed to the skin pretty fast and not too sticky. 

However, my favourites are Natural Honey Moisture Rich & Pure White

I usually use Natural Honey Moisture Rich at night and Pure White in the morning after taking a shower, dressed up and makeup. 
With Natural Honey Pure White, it will protect my skin from UV rays so my skin will stay fair even though I'm taking public transportation everyday, also I re-applied it at noon to keep my skin moist in an air-conditioned room (my office is so cold btw.LOL).

After I got home and showered, I applied Natural Honey Moisture Rich to replenish my skin's hydration that already gone during the day ^-^

Natural Honey's products come with two different sizes. 100ml & 200ml. 
My Moisture Rich is 200ml and Pure White is 100ml. 
You can find these products at Carrefour, Giant, and Hypermart

Conclusion :
# Natural (from Pure Honey), processed with high technology but still maintain its purity
# Affordable 
# Comes in 2 sizes, 200ml & 100ml. 100ml is suitable for traveling.
# Adsorbed to the skin pretty quick

Love, Leonita
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