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 it's been so long I updated my blog. Starting from now, I want to back again to the blog-sphere, and I hope I remember my own promise :p
Oh, on this post, I want to show you the newest gel nail polish by Sally Hansen that doesn't need any UV/LED light to make it dry! Now, how cool is that?!

I luckily enough to get 4 different colours from the Miracle Gel collection. For this collection, you can't use any top coat other than the top coat that exclusively made for this collection.

This top coat (black bottle) contains Photoinitiator. This photoinitiator activates a bond between the color and top coat, also curing the formula in natural light without the need of an UV lamp like a regular gel nail polish.

I only need to 3 steps to achieve gel nail polish nails. 
1. 2 coats of Miracle Gel Color
2. 1 coats of Miracle Gel Top Coat 
3. Put my nails to a bright area (Sally Hansen's team says it will work much much faster under the bright sun) and 1,2 and 3! Tadaa.... it's dry and shinny just like a regular gel nail polish.

I, myself really like using gel nail polish because it lasts longer and not easily chipped. 
With this nail polish from Sally Hansen, I also find the same effects. It claimed it will last for about 14 days. 

Do I need a base coat?
Nope, you don't and must not. I tried it with a base coat (from another brand) because I was forget that it didn't need any base coat and it makes the colour easily chipped T___T
They assured me that even without using base coat that usually protect my nails from nail polish, my nails will still be healthy as it should be :))

So, I got number 420 (Tea Party from Daily Delights Collection), 360 (Tidal Wave from Runway Shock Collection), 290 (Grey Matters from Street Pastel Collection), 350 (Style Maker from Runway Shocks Collection), and 100 is the top coat.

Without further delay, here are the swatches

 350 (Style Maker from Runway Shocks Collection)

 360 (Tidal Wave from Runway Shock Collection)

420 (Tea Party from Daily Delights Collection)

290 (Grey Matters from Street Pastel Collection)

And the last benefit using this gel nail polish is you can remove it like your usual nail polishes. You can any nail polish remover you want ^v^

Btw, please don't mind with how bad my nail polish application is :p
My favourite colour so far is number 420 (Tea Party from Daily Delight Collection). The colour is so pastel and beautiful in real life. You have to try it!

Love, Leonita
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