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if you following my Instagram (if you haven't, follow here :D ), probably you knew that I went to Singapore with my friend, Jean.
So, these pictures captured by Jean, thank you ^^

Before we went to Madame Tussaud SG, we took a little time to capture our outfit at Sentosa

So, if you curious about Madame Tussaud, keep checking my blog because it will be on my next post ^^

T-shirt : H&M

Camera Clutch : Forever New
Socks :  Tutuanna
Shoes  : Pul & Bear

Love, Leonita
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  1. Sentosa is one of my favorite spots in Singapore. What activities did you get to try out? I love the 4d cinema and the luge. :)

  2. I was in the 4d cinema once, and then puked after. Because it feels to real. LOL!!!

  3. waaaa.... aku di Mention sama Blogger terkenal ^^