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On April 18th, I went to So...?Fragrance & Parfums Love Indonesia gathering at The Playroom, PIK.
So...?Fragrance & Parfums Love the affordable yet high quality perfume from UK is now coming to Indonesia ^^o

Photo first before the event started

Event started with Ms. Oppi and Barrie Bell from So...?Fragrance and Parfums Love. They explaining about what is So...?Fragrance & Parfums Love and the reasons why they only bring some products to Indonesia.

Luce Barriet from Fiernenich explaining us about perfume raw material. He bring about 200 raw material for perfume and giving us some tester.
For myself, I enjoy this session because Perfume is one thing I love and had a chance to know more in depths about perfume making make me so happy :))

We have to guess what smell it is. And I can guess it right! 

Yeayy...I won something ^v^

Our snacks during the event

My favorite from the So...?Fragrance collection is So...?Brit 

For Parfums Love collection my favorite one is My Love that smells really fresh and sweet at the same time!

Not to forget took a picture with everybody on the right side :p
There's also blogger on the left side but the projector became the separator T__T

Best dress, best twit post, best makeup and best instagram post

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Love, Leonita
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