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Hii....despite of my current mourning (my phone dropped and the LCD cracked into pieces T__T), I want to share about my most favourite healthy drink of all time. It supposed to be publish yesterday but because of my phone, I totally lost my energy to do everything :p

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you might be realised, actually this is the forth time, I make a post about heavenly blush's yogurt. See? how much I love this brand?! :D

I've made a post about this strawberry flavour (read: here)

Afterwards, Heavenly Blush launched 2 more flavours, peach and blackcurrant. 

This is a suitable drink for us who like snacking but afraid of gaining weight. 
I prefer to drink one (or maybe two :p) of HB Yogurt on the go if I'm carving for sweets. 
I am not a diet person so I always trusting my 'snack time' to yogurt, that anybody know has a lot of benefits! 

Somehow, consuming yogurt is a little bit confusing if I need it on the rush. With this yogurt drink on the go, now I can drink yogurt with hi-calcium, low fat, and less sugar but still sweet enough for my own taste pretty much anywhere without being worried it will spoilt. Heavenly blush yogurt on the go doesn't need to be store in the fridge, you can just keep it on the shelves :)
But, I still suggest you to store it in the fridge because it tastes much better and more refreshing when it's cold ^^o

If you are an active person like me who running from places to places and also love snacking, I suggest you to stocking some of these babes :)

My favourite flavour is peach but I like it when it's cool.

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Love, Leonita
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