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Last week, I went to Blink Beauty at Jalan Daksa, Jakarta Selatan to try their treatment. I chose to do tummy slimming treatment called Venus Freeze. 

Blink Beauty located at Jalan Daksa 4 no.69, Jakarta Selatan, the location is quite hard to find because the location is not on the main road. I use google maps to find it :D

Once I arrived, BB's staffs happily welcoming me and asking which treatment I want to try. 
I chose Venus Freeze slimming treatment for tummy area because it's my main concern. 
I rarely exercise and it makes my tummy looks fat  (T__T)

This is a treatment where your stomach will be heated and massage with Venus Freeze machine. The heat and the massage will reduce the stomach's fat little by little

The maximum heat for tummy area is 42 celcius. So, every time I can't bear the heat any longer, the staff will check the temperature and when it hits 42, she have to turning down the heat little by little 
I'm a very ticklish person, so when the staff massage me with the machine is not warm enough, I terribly giggling until it become warm and the ticklish reduce hahaha.

My measurement:
Before    |  After
76 - 75
78 - 77
86 - 85

My stomach reduced about 1cm after 15 mins of treatment hahahhaa *so happy*

So, if you want to find a way to trim down any desired area with small effort and no side effect (other than the heat and the ticklish :p) you should try this treatment ^^

If you have any questions feel free to comment on the comment box down below or my social medias :D

Love, Leonita
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