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Almost exactly one month ago, I was invited by Kawaii Beauty Japan to attend their blogger gathering at SL lounge

On the first session, dr. Vanny from ZAP explaining to us what ZAP is and how it works. I've known ZAP since they only have one outlet and only have IPL treatment and now they spreading their wings to other beauty treatments like facial, brightening and many more.

We also can do one on one Q&A with dr. Vanny regarding all treatments ZAP has 

After that it's photo time with ZAP team *yeay*. ZAP also gave us some goodies, so we can try their products at home and not to forget their treatment ^^

Lunch time with fellow bloggers is always fun. We do talk a lot with any topics and not to forget teasing each other. It's good to do meet up with other bloggers to know each other.

The second session is by Emina. A new cosmetic brand with super cute and sweet packaging. I'm sure many girls will like this brand.

Sadly, I have to go first because I still have another appointment to attend (ehem, watching the new avengers movie :p) 

They do a mini make up contest 
and here are the winners...

Last but not least, last photo before the event finished.

Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan for having me :)

*all photos by Kawaii Beauty Japan

Love, Leonita
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